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Make money with cpalead | Hotfile Method

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 14   |   Comments: 0

The Step by step guide on how to Make money with cpalead. If you follow these steps you will start making money with cpalead in less than 24 hours depending on how fast they approve you after you apply to their program. Cpalead usally approve fast and within a few hours, and it's not very hard to get accepted.

Step 1. While you are waiting to get accepted by cpalead, you can already start working, the first thing you have to do is to go to a torrent website and look for the most popular and recent files you can find on there, try to get atleast three popular files downloaded.

Step 2. Check out the forums that are in this how to make money with Hotfile guide and join a few of them, also make sure to join hotfile , this guide is in principle the same as making money with hotfile, only difference is that you make MUCH more with cpalead.

Step 3. After joining the forums, signing up with hotfile, downloading some popular files, and getting accepted by cpalead, we are almost ready to make money. We just have to set up a system for it first. What we need is winrar, its a file compression utility that we can password protect our files with.

Step 4. Download winrar and Zip the files you downloaded and password protect it.

Step 5. Now comes the twist that is gonna make you alot of money. Make a new zip file containing the first zip file and add a html file,  this is a file with the html link to your cpalead widgit.

People that want to open their files simply MUST follow that link in order to get the password. Cruel and effective, they have no choice but to fill out your survey so you make money, remember that's 1 dollar each time someone downloads your file and does the survey, instead of the Hotfile earnings at 10 dollars each 1000 downloads.

Step 6. Oki, but how do i set up the Cpalead survey to deliver the password when they complete it? Simply choose the filedownloading widgit, and set it to open up a new website, so when they complete the survey they will be taken to that website where you have the password ready for them.

Steo 7. Spam the files you make on the forums found in the hotfile guide, and you will make money with cpalead in less than 24 hours. And don't forget that you make some bonus money with hotfile by following this awsome method that is making me loads of dollars each day.

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