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Make money with bum marketing

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 12   |   Comments: 0

The cheapest way to get started in affiliate sales is what is commonly called "bum marketing". All that is required is to have an ability of writing basic articles.

So how can one make money through bum marketing?
First of all, you will need to have a website. Domain names can be bought from Namecheap.com at around $10 a year, and hosting can be done through Hostgator.com for $10 per annum.

Your domain name should be keyword rich. If you are unable to find YourKeyPhrase.com, you can try separating words with the help of hyphens. If that name is already taken and is unavailable, then try to buy a .net or .org domain name. Try to focus your website for a particular niche.

Now, you should write about 10-15 pages content for your site. You can focus on a specific long-tail key phrase which is within your niche. Long-tail key phrase is a key phrase which is not searched for too often and is within your niche. It can be an ultra-specific key phrase.

These key phrases do not face much competition and are more strategically directed and targeted towards the buyers. This is exactly what you would require as beginner. One may focus on a high-traffic keyword after the site is up and running. For beginners it is best to focus on long-tail keywords.

You should put affiliate links to the niche product on each web page. It is better to put it on the top as well as the bottom of each page. It is not required to mention the product name in the content you have written. It is best that you do not mention the product name. One should remember that he/she is not selling the product through its content. Sales writing can prove to be a very lengthy and time consuming process and one isn't required to worry about it.

You should explain the problems faced by the potential buyer if he/she does not use your affiliate product, in such a manner that the reader becomes convinced of those niche problems and concerns.

You can begin by writing and submitting two or more articles everyday to Articlesbase.com and others. You should target high-traffic niche and long-tail niche keyword phrases in your articles. Bulk of your traffic will come through these keyword phrases.

Finally, you should make sure that you have appropriate author biography at the end of each article. You should also provide links to various other pages on your website. This should be done using link-text which matches the targeted phrase on each page.

And that's it! Very soon you will be making money without even spending a single dollar on advertising.

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