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Make Money Online With Reseller Web Hosting

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 36   |   Comments: 0
The Internet has now become the universal favorite medium for people who want to get rich quick. From scammers to the greatest web entrepreneurs, the variety of people making money online is endless.

Out of all online businesses, selling web hosting is one of the most lucrative around. It's quite easy to see why - every individual or company who chooses to go online needs an online space, a virtual home. The job of the web hosting reseller is to provide economical, affordable hosting plans for these "virtual homes", which are nothing but web pages.

Reseller web hosting is one of the many types of web hosting, which include shared, dedicated servers, virtual private servers, colocation hosting and many others. In this method, the reseller purchases a chunk of hard drive space and bandwidth at wholesale rates, and then sells it to third parties for some profit. The reseller may choose to rent a dedicated server from a hosting provider, or may specifically opt for "reseller hosting plans", which come with facilities for managing user accounts.

There are several points to be taken into account while choosing a reseller web hosting package.

1. Profitability. Which plan offers the greatest profit margin for you as a reseller?

2. Authenticity. Reseller web hosting plans should always give you your own nameservers, instead of forcing you to use the reseller's. This gives you more authenticity and leverage.

3. Features. Every reseller offers different levels of control and different features. Pick the combination that you think will best suit you and your clients.

Reseller web hosting, clearly, gives resellers a lower profit margin than buying their own dedicated servers would. So, what makes reseller hosting tick?

1. Reseller web hosting does not require the investment of a dedicated server. So for web hosting services that are just starting out, the combination of low investment and high features is highly advantageous.

2. Buying dedicated servers is often too large an investment for businesses that offer only small amounts of web hosting, as part of a package deal including website design, system integration or web developing.

3. Technical knowledge is not required, as all technical queries - regarding hardware, software, connectivity etc - can be forwarded to the original seller.

4. Buying a server is not all that goes into maintaining one. Servers need to be kept in locations with a constant maintained temperature, power supply, fire protection and excellent telecommunication services. For this reason, colocation hosting has become extremely popular, with a large number of user-owned servers being kept at a common location, which charges a monthly or annual rent. If the original server is part of a colocation hosting, the cost of shared reseller web hosting also comes down noticeably.

Web hosting is the only constant requirement in this ever-changing world of online business. So jump on this lucrative bandwagon while you can, the results are completely worth it. With investment limited to advertising and customer interaction, you can focus completely on building your business and generating profits.

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