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Maintenance of Fireplaces Galway Ireland

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 205   |   Comments: 0

Fireplaces are one of the most important things that people often use. The concept of fireplace takes you to the bygone era when man first learned to light fire with stones and then with woods. Fireplaces save people from extreme cold. Fireplace keeps the room hot and makes you feel comfortable when the weather is chilly. Fireplace accents your living room or bedroom as well.

Galway, Ireland has a number of fireplace companies. You can visit the showrooms of these companies to buy a fireplace according to your choice. The fireplaces that these companies of Galway, Ireland have on display range from traditional to modern models. You can opt between fireplaces made of Portuguese Limestone, Black Granite, Spanish Cream Marble, Slate, Wood, Cast Iron and Italian White Marble.

High Energy Efficient Fireplaces are also manufactured by these companies of Galway, Ireland. These fireplaces are 99% energy efficient. Thus they keep heating at a low cost. These fireplaces enable you to re-direct heat to other areas of your home.

The fireplace companies of Galway, Ireland offer accessories along with the fireplace. The accessories include Fire Grates, Firescreens, Companion Sets, Fenders and Overmantles. Experienced people are there to install the fireplace at your desired place. Other than installation the companies also provide a host of services such as delivery, design, measuring, site survey and so on.

The fireplace companies of Galway, Ireland also provide manual that shows how to maintain your fireplace. Fireplaces are used quite often. So maintaining the fireplace is necessary as maintenance determines the longevity of your fireplace. So take care of the fireplace after it has been installed. Follow a few steps to maintain it. The steps are:

1.    Use the correct fuel and light three or four  small fires initially.
2.    Always keep the spark guard in position and avoid leaving an open fire unattended.
3.    Don't forget to fit a smoke alarm.
4.    Use a fireguard all the time for safety.
5.    Keep away all sorts of combustibles when you light the fire.
6.    Get your chimney swept with rods and brushes at regular intervals.

Solid fuel fire and gas fire need separate kinds of maintenance. In case of solid fuel fire follow the steps written below:

7.    Avoid using wet or green wood.
8.    Do not light the fire with liquid fire starters.
9.    Clean the ash at the base of the fireplace regularly.
10.    Go for a slow build up of heat and smoke.
11.    Never overload your fire.
12    Use handful of salt at times. This will add color to your fire as well as will prevent the build up of soot.

If you are using gas fire the rules are different for you. In case of gas fire the things you should keep in mind are:

13.    Never pack coal or log together very tightly.
14.    Keep your fan, circulating air passageways and burners clean.
15.    Do not try to relight the fire soon after the flame goes out. Wait for at least five minutes in such cases.

If you notice anything unusual go for servicing immediately. Delayed start up, booming noise, pilot light outrages, excessive build up of soot or gas smell are all indications of malfunction. Do not ignore these things. Take action as soon as possible. This can save you from any kind of major accidents.

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