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Lotion for Cellulite and Stretch Marks

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0

Cellulite affects majority of women, regardless of age or weight. Stretch marks affect 70% of adolescent females and 90% of pregnant women. Cellulite is not caused by factors related to weight gain. In fact, it is caused by dehydrated, damaged skin when skin cells and connective tissue are weak. So, to get rid of cellulite it is not enough to burn local fat deposits within the dermis in the areas affected.

To remove cellulite and repair stretch marks your skin needs to be strengthened. By topically applying key hydrating, cell-fortifying nutrients, certain enzymes that dissolve damaged skin tissues, plus skin regeneration activators, to the skin areas affected by cellulite or stretch marks we can now get the skin to rebuild, re-hydrate, revitalize and regenerate damaged skin structures. This will also force stubborn fat cells back invisibly below the surface.

To significantly diminish stretch marks and to also keep cellulite fat cells below the dermis it is also necessary to dissolve damaged skin tissues and excessive scars that have formed to restore integrity to tissues that have been broken due to their fragility at times when your skin needed to be stretched beyond previous needs.

There are several types of lotion for cellulite and stretch marks. The stretch mark treatment and prevention products you find nowadays are aimed at replenishing skin matrix by stimulating the synthesis of collagen or elastin with those containing ingredients such as ascorbic acid, copper peptides, cocoa butter, vitamins E and C. Unfortunately, this approach fails or falls short in most people affected by atrophicskin, whereby skin is very thin and not strong enough to support stretching beyond what it has been accustomed to, presumably due to the particular chemistry of skin affected by such condition and an inability to respond to matrix synthesis boosters.

Vitamin A or retinol, another common ingredient, is believed to increase the rate of collagen produced, making the skin healthier and more youthful. Used in the treatment of stretch marks, Vitamin A works to strengthen the production of new, healthy skin cells.

Two factors need to be considered. First, your body needs to be able to differentiate or identify scar tissue from the surrounding functional tissues in the skin matrix. Second, it must be able to degrade the proteins that those scar tissues are made off and separate their component amino-acids and use them to create new skin matrix elements.

This can only be achieved by two types of ingredients. One is to use messenger molecules that are able to bridge communication between cells and allow them to differentiate scar tissues from functional healthy skin tissues. The other crucial ingredient are enzymes that both dissolve non functional cells, worn out or damaged skin cells and trigger proliferation of new collagen and elastin fibers from within the skin matrix.

Stretch marks develop far below the skin's surface due to extreme strain and stress that eventually breaks down the skin's support structure. No moisturizer in the world can prevent that kind of injury and damage to the skin from taking place.

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