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Look Mom, No Cavities! Homeopathy and Cavities

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 13   |   Comments: 0

Cavities in our children's mouths are a heartbreak. Although sometimes not serious, they can be a source of disfigurement, pain and, of course, financial expenditure. Certainly, nutrition is key, but what of children whose diets have been stellar? Cavities can occur even in the most carefully designed diets. Homeopathy has a record of eliminating future cavities and shoring up the ability to produce strong bones and adult teeth.

Homeopathy is a method of medicine utilized by 40% of doctors in Europe and is present in many hospitals throughout the world. In the United States, however, homeopathy as a faction of medicine, was all but eliminated because homeopaths, historically, do not use drugs. This caused a political struggle within the medical world that nearly eliminated homeopathy from the American scene. Yet, today it is reemerging as a method for families to take control of their healthcare without expensive, invasive and poisonous drugs. The problem of dental caries, or cavities, is within the reach homeopathy's ability.

Homeopathic remedies are widely available in health food stores and on line. Visit my website www.homeopathyworks.net for tele-seminars, books and CD's aimed at aiding the family towards safer medicine.

The most common homeopathic remedy available for daily use to eliminate caries, is Calc phos 6x. It has been shown to facilitate orthodontic movement and even eliminate the need for braces if employed for a lengthy period of time. This means that it has a history of not only slowing down and even eliminating the occurrence of cavities, but straightening teeth in growing children, as well. Yes, straightening them€¦instead of thousands of dollars of orthodontic work, a simple homeopathic remedy has a history of doing the same work when properly employed for an extended period of time.

Added to the mix is another important remedy, Calc fluor 6x. Again, this is used to insure the tooth's integrity by giving it more elastic hardness that will help to resist cavities and other ills.

Both remedies should be taken 4 pills thrice daily for months, say the great medical minds of the homeopathic world.

On a nutritional note, calcium rich diets are essential for strengthening the integrity of teeth. Whole, raw milk, whole cheese, yogurt and plenty of broths made from bone stocks are paramount in the health of growing children. Eschew vitamins with calcium as they cannot be properly absorbed and instead often show up as spurs on the teeth later in life. And never submit your child to plastic coatings on their teeth. Plastic does not belong in a child's mouth, regardless of the €œresearch available.

Instead use common sense. The kind our grandparents would have touted by using whole foods and homeopathy. Homeopathy is simple, inexpensive, intelligent and gentle. Most importantly, it has a reputation for doing what medicine ought to do€¦.work!

The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and may not be construed as medical advice.  The reader is encouraged to make independent inquiries and to seek the advice of a licensed health care provider.

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