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Live longer with powerful antioxidants

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 38   |   Comments: 0

Dr Richard Cutler - Research on anti aging from the National Institute of Health, Washington, DC

"The Level Of Antioxidants In One's Body Is Directly Proportional To How Long And How Healthy You Will Live."

The presence and abundance of free radicals is harmful in one's body. It is imperative that antioxidantsare present to counteract the damage done by free radicals. Free radicals just travel throughout the body as they spin out of control and damage other cells and even create more damaged cells that in turn continue on their own path of destruction. You can compare it to a car rusting - the inside of your body ... 'rusting'.

All the latest research is tying free radical damage to the hundreds of chronic degenerative diseases we are dealing with today. All kinds of metabolic diseases, from diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease to cancer.

If your cells aren't healthy - disease takes over. The health of your cells are ultimate the most important. If you can control the onslaught of free radicals in your body, you are set for a longer and healthier life.

So what do you need to do?

Your body is a magnificent machine. Scientists are still bamboozled at the marvel of it. Your body creates its own defense system in the form of antioxidants. These are specific molecules that travel through the body and attack free radicals to neutralise them, therefore stopping them from causing any further damage.

What's the problem?

As we get older our bodies can't do this efficiently anymore. We live such challenging lives that we exhaust our bodies through stress, little exercise and bad eating habits. Our bodies have to work 100 times harder than they needed to as little as 80 years ago. The introduction of new food processes have contributed greatly. A fast pace requires convenience - convenience foods require mass processing - mass processing inevitably results in lower nutrition. In truth, we even consume free radicals daily in our diet, we breathe them in through the air and even absorb them through our skin.

The onslaught of free radicals is the biggest culprit of society's health problem today.

What's the solution?

The best form of supplementation is to consume ACTUAL FOOD that contains what our bodies need i.e. a high level of antioxidants. Foods with the highest level of antioxidants is Acai berries, blue berries, cranberries and surprisingly right on top of the ORAC chart israw cold pressed cocoa. There are many on the market but you need to choose the best.

For more information go to: http://worthwhileluxury.wordpress.com/

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