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List of pay Net30 Affiliate Network

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 14   |   Comments: 0

Net 30 is a form of trade credit which specifies that the net amount (the total outstanding on the invoice) is expected to be payment received in full 30 days after the goods are dispatched by the seller, or 30 days after the service is completed.

Net 30 terms are often coupled with a credit for early payment; e.g. the notation "2% 10, net 30" indicates that a 2% discount can be taken by the buyer only if payment is received in full within 10 days of the dispatch of the goods, and that full payment is expected within 30 days. For example, if "$1000 2/10 net 30" is written on a bill, the buyer can take a 2% discount ($1000 x .02 = $20) and make a payment of $980 within 10 days.

The list:

Traffic Marketplace

Dig deeper and the issues begin to emerge, including rampant problems with site functionality and poor customer service.  Add in a higher threshold of clicks required before you actually see any revenue and Traffic Marketplace may not be worth your time


The leader in the industry, AOL's advertising.com, recently folded under the umbrella of Platform A, boasts what ComScore Media Metrics calls the largest advertising network on earth.

Casale Media Review

Casale Media gives the publisher a variety of choice and control over advertising content afforded by users, not to mention an industry leading 70% payout rate, has made Casale a major player. However, I have some concerns about Casale which I will share below.  On the whole, most publishers like the treatment they get from Casale, and advertisers like the reach and scope of the network.


At first glance, Revenuedemands appears to be good site for your third tier choice.Gain access to fast growing network of leading Web advertiser, highest payout campaign, fienrly dedicated support.This is top ad network of month.


InterCLICK is a still-solid choice for a second tier network when other qualifying criteria of other companies are out of your reach.  However, interCLICK has lost some of the shine it held just a few years ago.  Some of the innovative products they offer, especially the ground breaking options available to publishers in interstitials, may make it worth your consideration.

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