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Learn About a Treatment For Cystic Acne

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 14   |   Comments: 0

Cystic acne is characterized by cystic pimples on the skin that are caused due to oversecretion of sebaceous glands and blockage of sebaceous gland pores by bacterial action. Cystic acne is the most severe type of acne as the cysts are formed deep within the skin and are difficult to remove from the body. Dermatologists suggest different types of medications as treatment for cystic acne. However, the patient suffering from cystic acne must consult with the physician to find the treatment plan that really works for the patient skin. The cystic acne pimples care should also take into consideration the other factors of treatment like the patient tolerance level to the medication and the side effects of the cystic pimples treatment medications.

Before knowing the details of the cystic pimples treatment, it is important to know that these pimples should never be pricked at home. Pricking or trying to pop the pimples at home worsens the situation as it increases the risk of infection. The only remedial measure that can be undertaken for home cure is to maintain healthy habits of hygiene. Drinking a lot of fresh water and eating fresh fruits and vegetables and getting plenty of fresh air and exercises are the different aspects of home cure. Along with these home remedial measures the patient has to take the prescribed medication that works best with the medical history of the patient.

Isotretinoin is a common medication used in the cystic acne treatment. However, there can be severe side effects of Isotrenionin treatment during pregnancy and it is advised not to use isotrenionin during pregnancy. Vitamin B5 or D calcium Pantothenate and Acnazine are other medications that take on a more natural course of therapy and does not possess the severe side effects of Isotrenionin pimple treatment.

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