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Laser Hair Removal Specialists Are Capable Of Helping Any Individual

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 31   |   Comments: 0

For people of both genders, unwanted hair is a frustration, and sometimes even a source of embarrassment. Until somewhat recently, laser hair removal has been time-consuming, uncomfortable, expensive, and provided inconsistent results at best. Advances in laser technology have led to far better results, and treatments that are much faster, safer, and more comfortable than ever before. Laser hair removal treatments can be performed on just about any area of the body where smooth skin is desired. This includes, but is not limited to the back, neck, face, underarms, shoulders, legs, and bikini line. Cosmetic surgeons now offer the finest in laser hair removal for all individuals. Even if a cosmetic surgeon has been performing laser hair removal for years, they will likely continue to learn and train others about the most effective, safest, most comfortable, and fastest methods available. Many of these surgeons perform thousands each year on men and women of all skin types.

The lasers that the best surgeons use have usually been evaluated and deemed the most effective. These top-of-the-line lasers target the root of the hair so specifically that they not only eliminate the very dark and coarse hair, but are also the most effective lasers for the removal of hair with a light brown root as well as the finest of hair. Some of these lasers have a large spot size which is proven to be the most effective for hair removal. These lasers may also have high watts of power available in order to provide the maximum amount of power to the root of the hair without damaging the skin surrounding it.

A full back or full legs can be treated in just twenty minutes with the large spot size which is roughly the size of a quarter. The older generation of lasers had a spot size roughly the size of a dime. This larger spot size along with the greater amount of power means a more effective, faster treatment for individuals. Many surgeons use a cooling device for a more comfortable treatment that eliminates the need for topical anesthetic. Some of these cooling devices are better than others and there are very few which provide consistent cooling from the first to last pulse. These cooling systems are almost always safe and effective, but some are not as comfortable as others. Finding a surgeon with high skill and proper equipment is vital to how well your surgery goes.

There is no such thing as a laser which is ideal for all skin types. Because of this, most cosmetic surgeons will have multiple lasers for hair removal. Dark or tanned skin requires a laser with a long pulse, while lighter skin requires a shorter pulse. A longer pulse means that more of the laser energy is delivered to the root of the hair rather than to the surface of the skin where problems with pigmentation may occur with a laser designed to treat lighter skin. Most surgeons who perform laser hair removal are confident in the way their laser or lasers perform. They also know that if their patients see results, they will return for future treatments. These future treatments may be in the same area as some individuals will require more treatments than others. This will vary depending on many factors including hair density and skin color or tone.

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