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L.a. Web Designers: Two Dimensions of Interactive

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 35   |   Comments: 0

Once upon a time, in the Neanderthal age of web marketing, a "designer" was a guy who could scan and post a few pages of a company's brochure and annual report, adding a button that offered "click here for more information." In its next evolution, web design developed from internet cave painting to sophisticated graphic art, and designers added drop-down menus that offered "a, b, c, and all of the above." The majority of corporate websites still emphasize visual appeal, the "wow" factor, over users' engagement with products and services. And web designers still devote more time and attention to PhotoShop than to User Interface. The overwhelming majority of marketers and designers have failed to recognize that "pretty" does not translate to profitable.

MySpace and Facebook, the leading social networking sites, have revolutionized the internet, influencing culture, politics, and commerce far more profoundly than a traditional corporate character can recognize. A skilled web designer must help new clients grasp the notion that a website is not just another vehicle for delivering a commercial. The internet is not television with a keyboard; it is company-to-consumer communication, and customer engagement is at least as vital on the net as it is on the sales floor or in the showroom. A consumer's communication with a corporate website is no less a social interaction than a budding MySpace romance. And designers with their fingers on the pulse of internet commerce soon should change their titles to "navigators" or "negotiators."

Experts at Epsilon Concepts in Los Angeles emphasize, "Social media marketing is ascending in popularity as online social networks, social bookmarking websites, and communication platforms like Twitter continue to dominate the Internet realm." "Branding" now has much to do with the substance and quality of the company's on-line communication as it has to do with painting a logo on everything that moves. Therefore, designers must help clients develop their voices as well as their visions.

In its latest evolution, skilled web design involves two different dimensions of meaningful interaction-sustained dialogue with the client, and sophisticated discussion with on-line consumers. The designer must engage his or her client in extended dialogue and constructive debate, relentlessly asking, "How do you want to engage your customers? How do you want to greet them, qualify them, show them their options, guide their decisions among good better and best? How do you want to capitalize on this social tool for ?upsells' and add-ons?" Using every ounce of both patience and energy, a sophisticated designer now will help his clients match their internet voices to their everyday speech, so that interaction with consumers will flow seamlessly from site to street, from virtual to real life.

In Los Angeles, no design firm more effectively harnesses the power of social media than Epsilon Concepts. Although they say it simply-"we know social media" - they understand how those four words have power to drive a business from obscurity to the Fortune 500 in record time. Those four words translate: we have the power to give your brand an on-line look, voice, and heart.

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