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Know More about Theta Healing Founder Vianna Stibal

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 33   |   Comments: 0

When you hear the name Vianna Stibal, perhaps the first thing that enters your mind is theta healing. In fact, people have become very interested in Vianna Theta Healing ever since Viana Stibal discovered the amazing powers of theta healing in 1995.

What led Vianna Stibal to discover the healing benefits of Theta Healing was when she suffered from cancer in 1995. The cancer was quickly destroying her right leg, and she tried all traditional and alternative healing methods that she could find in order to treat her cancer. That was when she found out a simple technique of meditation that helped her heal. She also used this technique in recovering from her congestive heart failute.

When Vianna Stibal consulted a physicist to help her know how exactly that technique helped her, she found out that certain brainwaves, known as theta waves, are the ones that were used to achieve instantaneous healing. This energy can be used to change the feelings and beliefs associated with the illness, thereby facilitating holistic healing.

Viana Stibal has started teaching Theta Healing since 1995, but it was only in 2000 that she certified other people to also teach Theta Healing so that it can be given to anyone who need it. What Theta Healing does is to enable participants to remove all beliefs and feelings that are serving as their obstacles in achieving their maximum potential. It works on the subconscious mind, where all these beliefs are seated.

One of the most well known concepts of Vianna Stibal Theta Healing is based on is the 7 planes of existence, which is a concept used to connect the practitioner to the Highest Level of Love. This is how the Theta Healing practitioner is able to achieve the highest level of wisdom and clarity. All the participant needs to do is to have a simple realization, make a decision to change, and watch how the Creator changes them.

According to Vianna Stibal,Theta Healing works no matter what your religion is. As long as you believe that there is a Creator and a higher power above us all, you can benefit from the instant healing techniques of Theta Healing.

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