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Knives at their Best, Shun Knives

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 286   |   Comments: 0

Shun knives and Wusthof knives are now without a doubt ruling the knives industry. However it is also a fact that because of it's elegant structure and world class quality many have switched from such industry household makers as Wusthof and Henckels for Shun knives. There could be many reasons for this. One of them is Shun's design and availability of huge variety. Click for further Review on Shun Knives or below are just a few classical examples that how nice a knife can be.

Background of Kershaw and Shun Knives

One of the famous name in blade-making is Japanese Kai Cutlery. Kershaw Knives was actually bought in 1978, by Kai Cutlery. In trying to market their products in America, Kai Cutlery also established Kai USA. Since then Kai is successfully predicting and benefiting from the demand for high-quality cooking knives. Since beginning Kai positioned itself very well to bring together traditional Japanese knife-making techniques with modern advertising and distribution. The Shun Knife was first unveiled in 2003. Retailers like Williams-Sonoma and Crate and Barrel have since then chosen it as one of their recommended knife brands.

Shun Classic Knives

Made with Japanese VG-10 steel, Shun Classic knives are considered the hottest sellers of the Shun Knives.

As compared to European steel, this steel is much harder and sharper. Many believes that low weight and extra ordinary sharpness is something that makes Shun Classic Knives an excellent product.

The pakkawood handles, a resin-injected hardwood, and a nice teardrop shape allows Shun Classic Series to fit comfortably in almost any hand.

Shun Elite Knives

The Shun Elite series is also the darling of many kitchens. At first look, the set could seem similar to the Classic knives. But there are some critical differences. The most significant is the steel. Elite knives are made of SG-2, a super "powdered" alloy.

Powdered steels are formed by a unique method that allows even distribution of ingredients throughout the material. This creates a steel that can be created very tough and, therefore, sharp.

Shun Ken Onion Knives

Ken Onion is known as one of the most famous blade creators in existence. His "Speed Safe" device was a radical new way to mechanically unfold knives. He has also designed numerous groundbreaking knives for Kershaw - most significantly, the Leek, Chive, and Blackout. Although Ken Onion had never designed a cooking blade previously, he enlisted for the undertaking. Ken alleges that his fresh thoughts about kitchen knife design actually come from this novelty, because it made him wonder about some of the ideas leading to usual kitchen knife design.

The resulting Ken Onion Knives line sports a damascus-patterned VG-10 blade.

Shun Steel knives, Pro 2 and Others

There are many lesser-known series in the Shun lineup. Stainless steel handles are exclusive to the Shun Steel line, whereas a single-bevel style is showcased on the Shun Pro knives. That single-bevel style enables a narrower side and sharper blade. The Shun Pro II possesses Shun's sharpest knife and a molded grip.

Kai also offers budget products, distributed with the Kershaw Wasabi brand.

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