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Kent Tandem Bicycle

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 99   |   Comments: 0

I purchased the Kent Tandem Bicycle back in March 24, 2007 for $216.90 from Amazon so that my then girlfriend and I could ride together and enjoy each other's conversations without shouting. The bike arrived in a slightly damaged box (as expected), and a neighbor and I put it together following the directions provided.

It was relatively easy to assemble. However, again, as expected, everything was not perfect. Both wheels were untrue, the brakes were rubbing, and the derailleurs didn't shift through all the gears. Despite all this, it was still ridable! I wasn't too concerned about the sub-par components since I was going to upgrade the parts as they wear out. Although the bike was pretty heavy, since we had the benefit of two people pedaling to move the bike, it didn't feel overly heavy once we got moving. Although inexpensive, the Kent gets the job done.

One of the best things that I did to the bike after riding it about 100 miles was to take it to my local bike shop to get a tune-up. For $70, everything was adjusted, and my bike now rides like a dream. I wished I did that after I first assembled it!

Besides my seat and clipless pedals upgrade, I plan to replace the stock fork with a RockShox suspension fork, change the stems and handlebars, and add bar-ends. Since there is no rush, I can wait around for online sales and enjoy my bike with my wife for a long time to come. I'm giving this Kent Tandem Bicycle four stars not because of its initial quality, but because of its affordable price and upgrade potential. Get out there and ride twogether.

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