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Keeping Our Customer Happy Will Skyrocket Your Profits

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0

I thought of putting down 5 more ways to keep your customers happy, as long as I had my thinking hat on.

See, once you put that hat on, ideas come pouring. Never give up, always keep on trying and testing and profitable ideas will start sowing up one by one and then it will start flooding in.

Can't wait for that to happen? Well, here are some more ideas to keep you going:

1. Customer loyalty! That's what increases your profits to a new level. Word of mouth counts for approximately 55% of your customer base. Again, keep your customers happy and see your profits sky rocket!

2. We are all creatures of habit! Once we find a brand that we like, we stick with it. Make your brand be the one they love by building a great relationship with your customer. Be the one they always remember when it comes to products and services like yours. Make them invest in you. Make them care about you. Build that relationship and they will do anything for you like they do for their friends.

3. Build that LifeTime Value (LTV)! You profits are only as good as your customers lifetime value is. Again, keep them happy! Make your Internet Marketing business sell its services and products by attraction not by promotion. Promotion costs a lot of money, time and effort, while attraction is a given once your have you loyal customer base.

4. Challenge your assumptions regularly! Make a schedule, and get back in touch with all your customers, ask for feedback, do research, keep your eyes on the competition at all times and see what they do and offer. The marketplace is always changing, forever evolving, keep up with it.

5. Don't be afraid to experiment! Think about investing 1% of your business in radical experiments, crazy new products, maybe even taking a break from it all and going on a €˜inspirational vacation'. Live and bring freshness to your business. You customer will thank you and your profits will show promptly.

Now, go on, don't be shy. Start implementing all those ideas and don't be afraid of new ideas that will naturally progress from the ones that I laid down on paper for you today.

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