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Join The Fight Against Free Radical Damage With Anti-Aging Supplements

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 31   |   Comments: 0

Everyone shares two common fears as they age - looking old and feeling old. However, there really is no reason to be afraid. You can help yourself age gracefully in many ways, one of which is supplements.

Aging isnít easy on the body. We can start understanding the problems of aging when we learn about free radicals. Let's use a simple analogy to explain a little about how free radicals affect the body. Free radicals crash around like demolition derby cars, causing very real damage to your entire body. Free radical damage has been blamed for everything from wrinkles to cancer.

How do you combat this destruction? We can begin by discussing what supplements are useful in fighting free radicals:

Exploring Supplements

Supplements are typically pills, tonics, creams, or herbs that are used as a way of enhancing something, in this case, your health. There are times we donít get all the nutrition we need from the food we eat. That's when supplements can be helpful. Here is a short list of the supplements you might want to consider to aid your body in its battle against free radical damage:

Vitamin B complex
These complex vitamins are available in many foods, yet, for whatever reason, we donít always eat what we need to in order to get an optimum level. You can purchase vitamin B complex in your pharmacy or favorite health food store. Look for as many alternative sources for vitamin B as you can find; sources that include food and beverages as well as supplements.

Your external environment (pollutants) as well as your internal environment (emotions) contribute to free radical damage to your body. Stress, whether caused by external forces or internal forces, causes free radicals to wage war on your body; inside and out. Vitamin B complex helps relieve stress to reduce the damage caused by free radicals. Taking a vitamin B complex internally and applying it topically have both been widely accepted as important steps toward reducing free radical damage.

This is a broad category of substances used as the principle fighters in the war against free radicals. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals in the body rendering them inert so they stop causing damage.

The list of antioxidants includes vitamins A, C, D, E, and beta carotene. You'll find these vitamins in many foods, but again, there are times and situations when people simply cannot get enough in the foods they eat. That's when supplements come in handy. Check with your doctor to see if you could benefit from one or all of these supplements to help fight free radicals.

Omega-3 fatty acids

You have probably seen this one somewhere before because these little acids get a lot of press. Omega-3s help with heart and vascular health as well as increasing immunity and decreasing inflammation in the body. The most popular source of Omega-3 is cold water fish. Unfortunately, most of us don't eat enough fish to get a good supply.

Taking fish oil supplements, specifically those that contain Omega-3s, can boost your chances of destroying more free radicals. While these powerhouse supplements are battling heart disease, you'll also notice a few wrinkles smoothing out in the process. Omega-3s are often used in anti-aging skin creams with good reason. Stopping a wrinkle in its tracks is what Omega-3s do best, and most notably.

We're all looking for ways to improve our health and appearance. Looking and feeling good as we age is not about vanity... it's about being healthy.  Supplements to help fight free radicals is a worthwhile investment in your youthful appearance and overall health. Be sure to consult your doctor before adding any supplement, even natural ones, to your daily regimen.

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