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Job Search Through Craigslist - A Wise Decision

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 19   |   Comments: 0

Internet has been a popular job search tool for job seekers. Job seekers from all over the world are using different job search engines to find a job for them. Craigslist has been a popular job search tool for job seekers from different parts of globe. The effectiveness of Craigslist has encouraged people more and more towards using it.

In United States Craigslist has been rated among top five job search engines. According to the daily page view reports from Alexa (year 2007 estimates) Craigslist surpassed two most popular job search engines Monster.com and CareerBuilder.com. However, the effectiveness of Craigslist is not less in other popular cities of the world.So what is it with Craigslist which made it so much popular in job search?

There are several factors behind the popularity of Craigslist as a job search tool. Some of the most popular reasons are as follows:Simple User Interface - The simplicity of the website and its old world look has made it a common job search tool for both types of job seekers (fresher and people with work experience). Craigslist offers job listing in classified format.

Comprehensive Lob Listing - At Craigslist one can find a variety of jobs ranging from low paid jobs to highly paid jobs in different locations. Craigslist is equally competent in providing job listing for metropolitan cities as well as smaller places.

Cost Effectiveness for Employers - The cost incurred by employers in posting job listing at Craigslist is far less than other job search engines. Therefore employers prefer to post their jobs on Craigslist. That means more jobs for job seekers.

Undoubtedly, Craigslist is a perfect combination of maximum usability as well as tradition of quality service deliveries. So job search through Craigslist is a wise decision. However, to some users Craigslist look confusing and a bit complex. Job seekers have to browse through countries and the then cities in order to check their preferred information about job listing. It consumes more time than required.

To remove the worries in job search through Craigslist, some other websites have started offering their simple search facility that allows users to search through all Craigslist.com listing without compulsion of selecting their country, city or geographical location. They just need to key in their search term as they provide during normal search through Google.

By using such innovative search engines job seekers can now get all of Craigslist job listing at once.

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