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Jingle Bells Or Jingle Hell?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 92   |   Comments: 0

Warm lit fires surrounded by loving friends and family at the holidays describe many people's holiday experiences, but for many singles this is not the image that comes up when looking forward to the upcoming holidays.

Rather, for many singles, this is the time of year when singleness is felt most acutely, and dreams of snuggling up with wine in hand for a cozy evening are just some vague hopes that rarely come true. Why is this the loneliest, and most painful time of year for singles?

One of the contributing factors is that during this time of year, we all feel as though our lives are under the magnifying glass. For so many of us we feel that the reality of our family and social lives don't live up to the huge promises of the hallmark cards and TV commercials showing gleeful families and friends 'round the piano singing carols and richly enjoying each other's company. Especially in the jewelry ads, we are shown (ad nauseum), loving couples kissing in excitement for their upcoming nuptials. For singles, some mass media images are just all too close a reminder that this year, once again, their love lives are empty.

A great way to beat the holiday blues it to join a service that specializes in intimate singles gatherings, one such California club is the widely acclaimed singles dating and adventure club, Table for Six Total Adventures. Such clubs arrange get-togethers, 3 man 3 woman dining, intimate one on ones, especially good if you are in a new city over the holidays.

Feeling "not a part of" is impossible when one is attending intimate small group dinners of perfectly matched men and women at cozy, popular restaurants, where the wine is flowing freely and the conviviality is infectious. When you join a service that offers pre-screening of members, you know that everyone you are meeting is a professional and on the level, unlike individuals you may meet on an online dating site.

The members are all warm, friendly, and approachable; this is so important to maintain high self-esteem during the critical early stages of getting back into the dating scene. Another advantage of joining a full service singles club is they provide great events to help fill up those long lonely weekends nicely with skiing adventures, wine testing's, small cocktails parties and romantic dinner cruises. In addition to one-on-one "cocktails after work" dates as well, and… Who knows, wouldn't it be so great to have that honey under the mistletoe after all?

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