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Jie Mi Windows7 System: Microsoft To Play The "lance Slight"

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 26   |   Comments: 0

Windows7, this is full of expectation and speculation the global user name, a washing time of Procrastination Vista development in VistaService Pack 1 released only two months, they give a first answer sheet.

2008 5 28, the spiritual leader of Microsoft's retiring Bill? Gates and CEO Steve? Ballmer common in the North San Diego Four Seasons Intercontinental Resort Aiweiyala held 2008D6 All Things Digital conference The guests to the scene of this mysterious new display system.

Ballmer joked to reporters: "Today is only to show you a little bit (just asnippet) yo!" Is a little bit more, however, has set the world amazing!

Windows play a "lance slight"

Gates and Ballmer at D6 AllThings conference focused on the digital display of the multi-touch technology (multitouchtechnology), which is the hardware to run Windows 7 will have a new system features. And Mouse , Keyboard , Light pen and traditional input devices such as touch screen is completely different, multi-touch technology "basic input by hand", the system can handle multiple finger contacts and the ability to analyze the movement and the combination of contact, but the results are given immediately .

Vice president of Microsoft's Julie? Larson - Green (JulieLarson-Green) in the demonstration, finger painting in a notebook a tree, he said, "You will be in different size and shape of the computer, see The application of this technology. "Gates and Ballmer said the technology could completely change the present basic operations such as photo editing and map browsing habits, Julie on the spot with just a few minutes, expertly full use of fingers away from the main venue of the operation to find a Starbucks coffee shop recently, causing the audience to an amazing and enthusiastic applause.

Originated in digital multi-touch technology Ink Technology, and famous at the Tablet PC (TabletPC) was first put forward the natural strokes digital input hardware. Digital ink technology pioneer Alexander? Genaiersi (AlexanderGounares) has jumped into reporting directly to Gates technical assistant, and digital ink technology, China, located in Jian Wang also pointed out that "This is a traditional paper and document launched by the real revolution. " The multi-touch technology is an important extension of this advanced technology, it dealing not only with multiple motor points, more importantly, their movement direction and trends, in order to arrive at the result of a complex action. For example, in Windows7, the it is very possible hands, "order" a good bunch of File , Then "arrested" up "lost" into the Recycle Bin effect. This regular users, will no doubt be an operational experience of no less than revolutionary invention of the mouse.

New system of "downsizing" movement

Last September, Microsoft's Outstanding Staff Eric? Stout (EricTraut) in a university teaching inadvertently revealed in the process of developing Windows7 uses a micro-kernel called MinWin, the volume is only less than 30MB achieved the core Windows functionality.

Recently in charge of Windows development, senior vice president Steve? Sinofsky (StevenSinofsky) firmly rejected this argument and pointed out that "Windows 7 still continues WindowsServer 2008 code, so the final analysis, it is still by WindowsVista-based code. "But obviously, Windows7 of" downsizing "is an indisputable fact. This not only reduces the workload of the development and testing, making delay in the date listed on it to promote risk reduction, but also saves the user's storage resources.

MinWin significance for Windows7, not that it was used directly as a new kernel, but because it reveals a special open thinking: Windows can always pull out a very tiny "all growth point," as a basis to quickly construct a wide range of aspects in different product-level configuration system.

Sinofsky mentioned another problem, but also give priority to the issue Ballmer is Windows7 downward compatibility. As we all know, due to construction of the new Vista WDDM driver model, and the underlying security subsystem, a lot of applications and hardware to upgrade to Vista compatibility issues encountered. Users have to change their habits to adapt to the operation of Vista, which so many users are very unhappy.

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