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Jiangxi Will Introduce Digital Television Charges 20 Yuan In Rural Areas / Month

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 13   |   Comments: 0

11 19, Provincial Development and Reform Commission was held in Nanchang "development of digital cable in Jiangxi Province

TV Maintenance costs of basic standards of hearing audience. "Reporter learned that a family closely linked with each cable TV charges, after the completion of digital transformation, the main terminal cable maintenance costs for the audience: urban residents in the city with districts where the user is 26 yuan / month terminal, the other counties (cities) where the user population of 25 yuan / month, terminal, rural residential customers of 20 yuan / month.

From 2008 to 2010, the province implemented the county and cities the overall conversion of digital cable TV work, to 2015, the province will be fully realized digital cable TV, stop broadcasting analog television. To this end, the pricing authority in our province to develop viewing and maintenance fee for the installment purchase of digital set-top boxes and network transformation.

Existing analog TV viewing our province standard for city maintenance costs 15 yuan / month, households, rural 12 yuan / month, households. Brewing in charge of cable digital TV standards: the city with districts where the city (excluding counties under municipal jurisdiction) residential customers was 26 yuan / month, terminals, other counties (cities) where urban residents and 25 yuan / month, terminals, rural residents Users of 20 yuan / month, end.

Hearing by pricing programs, each with the same name, same site, same user account can be equipped with up to three Vice-terminal. The first one deputy terminal free of charge, the first 2,3-sub-terminal charge 5 yuan / month, terminal, more than 4 shall be according to the main terminal, vice terminal standard fare. A set-top box that is a receiving terminal.

's A bit simple calculation, if the 26 per household per month in fees, the city increased 132 per user per year of expenditure, an annual increase of 96 rural users.

For price adjustment of the provincial radio and television network company executives said at the hearing, in recent years, the provincial radio and television networks to promote the province's cable television companies from analog to digital conversion of an existing line of analog TV network line to the technical innovation and equipment updates, plus upcoming unified configuration for the user set-top box, and scientific research,

Advertisement Publicity, etc., requiring a total of 2.3 billion invested, calculated according to the province 3.3 million users, the new digital television operating costs 9.62 yuan / month, households. Operating costs with the existing analog TV 14.29 yuan / month, households, digital cable TV in our province the total operating cost is 23.91 yuan / month, households.

The responsible person also said that compensation cost, reasonable profit is the development of digital cable television audience the basic principles of maintenance costs, but also to ensure the normal operation of cable digital TV a necessary requirement. Fees are based on basic digital cable television audience across the province to maintain the costs of supervision and examination, also made reference to the practice of other provinces, combined with practical and developed in Jiangxi.

It is understood that, in accordance with the province's 3.3 million users (of which 800,000 by City, County 1.18 million urban residents, rural 1.32 million) per household calculated using a master terminal, the province's basic digital TV viewing and maintenance costs The average standard of 23.24 yuan / month, end.

At the hearing, most of the hearing participants agreed in principle to the pricing hearing program, but that the high fees.

So far, the majority of provinces and cities nationwide have developed a cable digital TV viewing and maintenance fee standards, even under the province's 3.3 million users, the average cost of 23.91 yuan / month, household estimates, our province is in the charging standards high. The sources said the high price is not conducive to the promotion of universal digital television, long-term vision to put a number, not to quick success.

Experts told reporters that represent the future direction of information technology industry, the digital television is a good thing, but not the digital transformation of the cost shared equally to the users who go, but should be paid through the digital channels, interactive on-demand, business and entertainment high-quality value-added

Service To increase operating income and lower operating costs.

At the same time, cable digital TV future is very bright. In accordance with the present 44 million population in our province, will reach eight million potential users around. In 2015 the province to achieve full digital cable, the operating costs will be greatly reduced, fees should also be decreased.

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