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Japanese Geisha Dolls Are a Fond Representation of Past Asian Traditions

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 150   |   Comments: 0

Many individuals have an appreciation for the exquisite beauty of Japanese Geisha dolls. These dolls are considered to be a fond representation of past Asian traditions. Geisha are considered to be the highest class of entertainment in Japan. They devote their lives to specializing in various art forms that individuals throughout the region consider to be engaging and intriguing. Examples of these art forms include symbolic dance, mastering the ability to play the musical instrument known as the Shamisen and painting. Despite the fact that individuals that do not have a link to the Japanese culture often consider Japanese Geisha to be prostitutes, those that have a link to the culture understand and appreciate their contributions to society. Geisha dolls are appropriate for individuals that have this appreciation.

The Commitment

While Japanese Geisha dolls are considered to be beautifully decorated and represent a very important aspect of the Asian culture, they also represent the life-long commitment that true Geisha make. The women that are part of the Geisha culture start training at an extremely early age in their lives. In some instances, certain young girls were designated to special houses called Geisha Houses or Okiya when they were young. Once designated to an Okiya, they officially became recognized as Hangyoku. However, due to child labor laws that emerged in the 1950s, this type of commitment was outlawed. However, during the time that the young girl was designated to a Geisha house, she eventually developed apprentice status and referred to as a Maiko.

As the Maiko works diligently to train for her future career, the Okiya provides her with meals, a place to live, exquisitely designed kimonos and obis to wear and several other tools and supplies that assist in the development of her skills. However, all of these items, services, and supplies result in a debt. As a Geisha trains, she may commit all of her earnings to the Okiya until the debt is covered. Once covered, she may keep her earnings, move out to a location where she may live independently and is considered to be free from the Okiya that she was originally designated to. Japanese Geisha dolls remind us of the dedication, perseverance and commitment that Geisha make to their Okiya, their clients, and their life as a whole. It is a reminder to all that dedication is not only beneficial, but beautiful.

Your Geisha Doll

There are several Japanese Geisha Dolls available on the market today. Many of these dolls show the Geisha as an individual, with a focus on her exquisite and mysterious appeal. However, there are many Geisha dolls that not only show the Geisha, but also a representation of the art form that she specializes in. In choosing Japanese Geisha dolls, it is important to consider the design scheme of the room that you will place it in, as well as the color scheme of the room. It is also important to decide what style that you are most interested in. Japanese Geisha dolls are more than just common decor, or an accessory to the style of a particular room, they are a fond representation of Asian tradition in general.

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