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Itrifal Ustokhuddus and its uses

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 31   |   Comments: 0

Itrifal UstokhuddusIts

This name is due to its Chief Ingredient Ustokhuddus (Lavandulastoechas flower).

Action: Munaqqi Dimagh (Drugs clearing vitiated humour from theBrain)

Uses: Dimaghi Amraz (Diseases of Brain) as Suda (Headache),Balghami Amraz (Phlegmatic Diseases) and Saudavi Amraz(Melancholic Diseases). Its continuous use keeps hair black.Chief Ingredient: Haleela (Terminelia chebula fruit), Balela(Terminelia belerica), Amla (Emblica officinalis fruits) andUstokhuddus (Lavandula stoechas flower).Ingredients:Afteemoon (Cuscuta reflexa herb)Amla (Emblica officinalis Gaertin fruit)Berg Senna (Cassia senna leaf)Bisfaij (Polypodium vulgare Linn root)Kishmish (Vitis vinifera dried fruit)Mastagi (Pistacia lantiscus gum)Maveez Munaqqa (Vitis vinifera dried seed less fruit)Post Balela (Terminelia belerica fruit)Post Haleela Kabuli (Terminelia chebula ripe fruit)Post Haleela Siyah (Terminelia chebula unripe fruit)Post Haleela Zard (Terminelia chebula half-ripe fruit)Turbud (Ipomea turpenthum root)Ustokhuddus (Lavandula stoechas flower)All in equal partsAsl (Honey) Three times of all drugs weight.

Preparation: prepare powder of all. Mix the Haleelajat (Haleela Zard(Terminelia chebula half-ripe fruit), Haleela Kabuli (Termineliachebula ripe fruit), and Haleela Siyah (Terminelia chebula unripefruit) in Roghan Badam (Prunus amygdalus oil) then mix in Qiwam(Basic Solution of Particular consistency) of Asl (Honey)

Dose: 5-10gm with 125 ml Arq Gaozaban or Arq Badyan 60 ml.

Jawarish Kamoni Sada

Its name is due to its chief ingredient Zeera Siyah (Carum carvi seed).Action: Muqavvi Meda (Gastric tonic), Jazib Ratoobate Meda(Siccative secretion of gastric juice)

Uses: Nafakh (Flatulence), Riyah (Gases)Chief Ingredient: Zeera Siyah (Carum carvi seed)Ingredients:Berg Suddab (Ruta graveolence leaf) 10gmBoora armani (Arminium bole) 10gmFilfil Siyah (Piper nigrum fruit) 10gmZanjabil (Zingiber officinalis rhizome) 20gmZeera Siyah Mudabbar (Carum carvi seed detoxified) 100gmAsl (Honey) three times of all drugs weightPreparation: Make powder of all drugs and mix in Qiwam (BasicSolution of Particular consistency) of Asl (Honey)

Dose: 5-10gm twice a day along with Arq Gauzaban 60 ml.

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