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Is There A Way To Prevent Hay Fever?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 18   |   Comments: 0


Every year, around April and May, I get hay fever. Sometimes it goes on through summer. I've read that you canprevent it if you start taking steps early on. Is that true, and, if so, what do you suggest?


Some diseases - such as hay fever - are seasonal. They are proof that we are Part of nature and directly influenced by the environment. The sun, moon and even the planets can have a direct effect on our health. For example, on the day of a full moon, people tend to have headaches, be more irritable and feel tired. The animal kingdom goes berserk when there is an eclipse. Unfortunately, many Western-trained doctors and scientists see these natural cycles as irrelevant to health.

For the key to hay fever, you have to go back to the winter. When the earth freezes, germs and viruses are threatened and look for hosts in which they can survive and multiply. When they find a weak body- run-down, stressed and deficient in nutrients - they invade it This Person not only harbours the infection but can spread k to others who are equally rundown. This starts the chain of a flu epidemic. During the winter months, the body has to generate heat constantly to keep warm. If food intake (fuel for our body's heating system) is not good enough, the body uses its reserves of energy and can easily become rundown. Unless fruit and vegetables are in season or have been imported, they are usually from last year's harvest and have hidden in cold storage, so they lack the necessary nutrients.

Come spring the earth gets warmer. As it does so it releases a host of germs and fungal spores that have been hibernating or lying dormant during winter. Like their predecessors, these look for run-down hosts but they also enter healthy bodies. Weak or strong people's immune systems have to gear up against the onslaught of invading germs and spores. Then there are the flowers start release their pollens into the air to fertilise other flowers. As the weather grows warmer and the air drier, the pollen count goes up.

The body produces antibodies against bacteria and other living organisms, that can  multiply. But pollens and dust particles are inert (nonliving), so the body tries to flush them out by sneezing, coughing and producing mucus: this is what leads to the runny nose and watery eyes of hay fever' Although this is a useful way of eliminating unwanted particles, it is also extremely uncomfortable for the sufferer.

If it were a small amount of an allergen your body would cope and you would hardly notice it But during the spring and summer the quantities are so high that they put the body under great stress. It is therefore essential to prepare early for the allergy season. The Christian practice of Lent, for example, is wonderful- All religious fasts have deep meaning in relation to the natural cycles of the universe.

I suggest following the regime below for three months to detoxify your body and strengthen your immune system. This is good for everyone; even if you don't suffer from hay fever. It is best to detox from early spring until the beginning of summer.

* Eat fresh wholesome, preferably organic white meat fish, fruit and vegetables.

* Once a week, detox by drinking freshly juiced fruit (non-citrus) and vegetables (carrots, celery, beetroot, cucumber, ginger and fresh mint); also drink vegetable broth made of leeks, onion, carrots, celery and cabbage.

Drink three cups daily of Fasting Tea (Biotique,).

*Avoid red meat (lamb, pork, beef and game), shellfish, yeast products (bread, cakes, pasta, pizza, Marmite, Bovril), alcohol, sugary products; cheese, mushrooms vinegar, rich or spicy foods, citrus fruits, tomatoes, coffee, excess salt and tinned products.

* Take Bioprash :one tablespoonful with manuka honey once daily for four months. This supplement boosts energy and the immune system.

*Take 15mg zinc (eg, BioCare zinc citrate, tablets) daily for two months - but only if you are not getting this amount in a daily multivitamin.

* Soak three kadu twigs in a cup of hot water at night strain and drink each morning for two months. This acts as a 'detox' tea.

* Do breathing exercises, particularly the cleansing breath detailed in Therapeutic Yoga my book co-written with Jiwan  Brar.

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