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Is Livejournal, Blogspot Or Wordpress Better For Building Blogshops In Singapore

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 9   |   Comments: 0

In this article, we will explore whether Blogspot, Livejournal or wordpress is suitable for you when it comes to building your Blogshop

The key advantage of Livejournal is the social platform solution where blogshop owner can create their social space within LiveJournal in the internet and meet their possible customers.

Pluses: As mentioned above, LiveJournal has some many social networking features and communities where blogshop owner can advertise their sales item to the community. It is very easy to find new friends there and track their blogs.

Minuses: If you are thinking monetizing your blog, Livejournal will not allow that - all advertisements there are added by Livejournal company.

Categorizing your sales item is differient and the number of themes is limited. There are no plugins at all.

More importantly when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) The search engines don't like Livejournal: It is unlikely you will ever be on the first page of Google , so all you'll get is the same Livejournal users as you.

IMO, Blogger is the easiet platform for anyone is starting off. Compared to Wordpress, it is much much easy. This is a platform for beginners, who just start off creating a Blogshop.

Pluses: Yes, you can monetize your blog with Adsense: the advertisements can be added in limited amounts and positions

Plugin is available in making your blog more entertaining, and more themes.

Another advantage is it allowed you to use your own domain (without blogspot) while using their template.

Minuses: It is not SEO friendly. Many beginners think that if this platform is earned by Google, then their blog will be in the Top 10 on every page of the search engines and have thousands of visitors every day. It is not true: Although there is a possibility to be on the first page of Google, it will take much more time to get there as on Wordpress.

Blogger doesn't look nice: doesn't allow to add categories which is vital for a Blogshop.

With the countless of theme available, It does help Blogshop who needs to create a professional image. However tweaking is limited.

This is the best solution for Blogshops who want to have professional and nice looking web-page. However be prepared to learn a bit more about wordpress as it is simple as Blogshop. Also for wordpress, you need to have your own hosting so it does take a little programming if you decide to choose wordpress.

Pluses: There are many professional themes and plugins, Code programming can be done with many plugins which is helpful for blogshop.

Minuses: Hosting is required, the price is not expensive and can be covered by earnings from your blog.

Excellent platform for everyone who wants to build a professional image but a little knowlege of web programming is required

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