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Is An Anti-Bark Collar Or Device The Right Solution For You?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 16   |   Comments: 0

There are so many "trends" nowadays that one has to wonder if buying and using an Anti-Bark collar, device or repellent is one of them. Having grown up around pets all my life I would have to say no. Sometimes you just need to gain an edge over your pet to stop them from barking.

If you look at the pets and their owners one of the main reasons a dog will bark is because of the poor relationship they have between each other. From the time they were brought home they were never trained or cared for in a way that they actually listen and understand their role in the household.

It's no different than a small child that constantly cries looking for attention. If an owner put a little effort into teaching their pets it would drastically cut down on the #1 problem for a dog barking. The first reason is called nuisance barking which account for up to 35% of the inappropriate conduct by dogs that trigger complaints by pet owners. Dogs just bark for no particular reason. They want attention.

The second type is like "crowd mentality" barking. Once they hear another pet exercising their vocal cords they jump right in and start barking to assert their dominance. The third type of barking is excessive barking. Even if there is a reason for the dog to bark, they don't know when to stop.

Next we find dogs barking because they are trying to protect us and their territory from intruders and alert us of problems. Finally, there actually may be something wrong with the pet. They may be sick, hurt or even scared. Now I know these types of barks are generally different in volume and tone and we aren't trying to address them. So it's really the nuisance barkers that are the real problem.

It's possible that this type of behavior could be modified with extensive training if the pet wasn't trained when they were pups. The problem though is twofold. People don't have the time or ability to manage the poor behavior with consistent monitoring and training and even if they did a lot of the nuisance barking takes place when we aren't around. The pets know they can bark because there will be no one to correct them.

So the answer to our original question is yes. It is the right solution and the course of action is in fact to have the pets "self monitored". By using an Anti-Bark collar or device we can curb or even eliminate the bad behavior. There are a number of styles and methods so the next step would be to review the different types and select the best for your pet's situation and surroundings.

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