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Is AffiloBlueprint a SCAM Or Your Guide to Making Thousands Effortlessly?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 17   |   Comments: 0

Who else is really tired of all the 'guru' products on the web these days? It seems like everyone has written a course, an ebook or some other product that 'guarantees' making you successful. The reality is though, most of these courses are a waste of time and money - but finding which ones are worth while can be really hard work; and all of us have been taken in by a product that ended in disappointment AT LEAST once.

Having actually USED AffiloBlueprint however, I can say it was not a disappointment but a jewel.

First off though, let's talk about what AffiloBlueprint actually is. Created by Super-Affiliate and really one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, Mark Ling, AffiloBlueprint claims to be a complete formula for creating successful affiliate sites. In the first release of the course last year, Ling actually used this formula to create a site in front of a live audience - a site that in turn ended up generating $500 per in profit.  Not bad, eh?  In this latest release, Ling goes over that same methodology, but with an improved format and more in-depth lessons.

What really is this 'formula'? The whole idea of AffiloBlueprint is that you can create multiple sites, in any viable niche you like, by using the same process over and over again. This means you can create a whole bunch of small $50 per week sites, and then just build up your income by building a whole bunch of sites. Then, as Ling explains, if you reinvest some of that money back into the sites in the form of building content and SEO campaigns, you can very quickly accelerate your earnings into the thousands a week - just by starting with a few $50 a week sites. This is got to be one of the simplest, but yet most believable methods I've seen for creating this level of income through affiliate marketing.

So what is covered in the course?  AffiloBlueprint is a 12 week program with 55 video lessons. Starting out with how to find a profitable niche and market research, you're taken through picking keywords, creating content, building a website, search-engine-optimization, creating newsletters, analytics and troubleshooting (the troubleshooting lesson is brilliant!), and pay per click. So as you can see, pretty comprehensive!

One of the only downsides with this product is that, with all the information it has, you could be tempted to rush through or skip parts. Don't do it! Everything in this course is there for a reason, and if you follow it as it is laid out, you will almost certainly be able to make a successful site.

AffiloBlueprint also comes a custom made Wordpress template, so if you haven't made a website before, you can just use a template created by affiliate marketing experts to build your site. It is obvious that Mark Ling has gone to a lot of trouble to make this product as newbie-proof as possible. Everything is really clearly explained and there is no assumption of knowledge, so if you're just starting out, this product if for you. If you do have some experience with affiliate marketing however, you will still find the systematic structure of AffiloBlueprint useful. This could be what you need to build up your income or fix your under-performing sites.

All in all, I highly recommend AffiloBlueprint as one of the best affiliate educational products I've seen. Ling is only making it avaliable for one week so they can offer customer support, so I would get in quick.

PS--Here's a deal that serious money-makers can't afford to miss.  From Friday 3rd of July, until Monday 6th of July, anyone who purchases AffiloBlueprint will receive an extra special bonus of the Affilorama Outsourcing Blueprint, worth $197, absolutely free.

No catches.  It's great!

Get the discount right now here

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