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Is Accutane Dangerous?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 16   |   Comments: 0

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If you are considering accutane acne treatment there are some things that you should consider before taking this particular step to control your acne.

Side Effects

If you are pregnant or if there is even the slightest chance that you might become pregnant, do not consider accutane acne treatment as it can be harmful to the fetus.  Any woman of childbearing age will be required to sign a consent form before the doctor will even give you a prescription for accutane acne treatment.  The side effects to the fetus can include severe birth defects, physical malformations and mental retardation.  Getting pregnant during use, and for at least a month after using the accutane acne treatment, is not advised; doing so will put your unborn child at great risk.
Aside from pregnancy complications the accutane acne treatment has other side effects such as conjunctivitis also known as pinkeye.  You may also experience severe dry skin, crack lip, nose bleeds and joint pain. Night driving can become risky while taking the accutane acne treatment as the medication is known to decrease night vision.

Interactions With Vitamin A

Do not take vitamin A while on the accutane acne treatment as it can put your health at great risk.  This includes any multi-vitamin with any level of vitamin A and some doctor's even recommend being cautious about foods that are known to be high in vitamin A due to increased risk of side effects.  This is something that anyone who is using this treatment must be well aware of and very cautious in order to prevent putting yourself at higher risk for side effects.

If you are considering accutane acne treatment for your acne problem, do so only after you have exhausted any other possible avenues.  This treatment is not an overnight miracle cure and your acne will likely get worse on this treatment before it gets better.  If you are looking for a quick fix this is not the route for you.  Consider all of your options before seeking a prescription for accutane acne cure.
Accutane acne treatment is not recommended for mild acne but only for the most severe case due to the many side effects.  This treatment can be effective but it should only be used with the utmost caution and careful instruction from your family doctor or dermatologist.  As with any medication this must be taken according to instructions and with care.  If you experience any side effects or adverse health issues, contact your doctor immediately.

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