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Iowa Hawkeyes Tickets - the Popularity Factor

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 16   |   Comments: 0

If a team has to win hands down on count of the popularity factor, it has to be the Iowa Hawk Eyes. For some time now, they seem to be the blue eyed boys of spectators and critics alike.

Iowa Hawk Eyes do not have anything special about them when compared to the other teams that are playing on the field. In fact, if anything they have players on the same skill platform as other teams, yet they end up being one of the most popular teams out here in the league. Surely, they must have something going for them. Whether it is their style of play or whether it is in their victories, something has kept the Hawk Eyes topping the popularity charts.

The Head Coach of the Hawk Eyes believes that this popularity is good, but at the same time is not too good for their players. Firstly, coach has assembled a rather inexperienced team to play the games owing to injuries to some of the key players. He believes that all this distraction was not something he had bargained for when he started his assignment. In fact, when he took over the reins, he had a big challenge to overcome. The Hawk Eyes who were then on a losing spree, had to correct their record at the earliest possible.

As days and possibly months panned out, it became clear that the coach and his wards had embarked on a rigorous improvement program. All this while, they whittled off victories with the odd defeat sprinkled in between the victories serving them with an idea on things to be worked on. But such was the schedule of the Hawk Eyes for a good part of the season. In all this, surely popularity factor and distractions just did not count. That?s precisely why the coach was a bit stunned in terms of the attraction his players were getting.

The players on the other hand had absolutely no problem with all the popularity bites at all. In fact, if anything, they seem to be enjoying the whole deal. They kept performing match after match, seeing them claiming victories with a sense of alarming regularity. With all these facts being given, there absolutely was no reason for the coach to believe that something is amiss for their players. True, the coach would have wanted a pressure-free environment for his players to perform and keep performing.

But then the problem here is ? this is football. The slightest moves you make on the field is noticed by the press. And here the case was of a team that had a set of inexperienced players making their mark in the big league. Surely, they did so on the back of some hard training and rigorous practice. But the fact that the press wanted a bite out of their achievements cannot be denied at all.

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