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Invitation To The Self-Healing Club!

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 23   |   Comments: 0

Hi, here's a ticket to the club where people heal themselves, at their own pace, each in their own unique way.  How?  If you want to grow as a self-healer, plant in your mind and heart willingness to be more sensitive to yourself.  Water frequently with self-trust.   With the sunlight of your time and attention, it will blossoms into insight and inner movement.  You can throw off burdens you no longer wish to carry. 

 My classes and clients teach me that people can do much more self-healing than even recently thought.  If  you are simply sick and tired of being sick and tired and wish to do more for yourself, you've come to the right place.  Why?  Because your willingness to heal is high! Willingness to heal is the pre-requisite for all healing. 

 All animals know how to self-heal; it's "hard-wired;" we call this "instinct."  In place of "instinct," human beings have "free choice."  You and I possess great capacity for self-healing?but it must be taught.  Self-healing behavior in humankind is learned behavior.  It must be "caught" from brothers, sisters and mentors who teach, model and present self-healing approaches  So we do need each other to heal, very much.  If you get stuck, give me a call.

 Short history of Self-Healing

 A history of self-healing begins with herbs, massage and reflexology.  With homeopathy, it expands exponentially because now the energetic nature of the human being is acknowledged and addressed.

 In the 1960s Fritz Perls' Gestalt Therapy approaches were a great leap forwards in psychotherapy as personal accountability and willingness to heal were highlighted.  Gestalt gave us many ways to communicate with the inner child.

 In the early 1970s, self-healing exploded again when John Thie, D.C., adapted Applied Kinesiology for use by lay persons in Touch for Health.   A steady stream of kinesiology modalities flowed from Touch for Health.  Each has methods to identify, locate and balance pain and other physical symptoms very directly and immediately. 

 In the 1980s self-healing exploded again when NLP & Core Transformation uncovered a large number of new self-healing approaches.  When muscle-testing-kinesiology met NLP in the later 1980s and early 1990s, many new forms began:  Psych-K and TFT and its variants, such as EFT. 

 Self-healing expanded again in the 1990s with the advent of Immunics.org, Bertrand Babinet (Babinetics.com), Donna Eden's Energy Medicine.  All converge testing and Intuition.  In 1998 Peace Theological Seminary (pts.org) began a Masters program in Spiritual Science.  This lead to a Doctorate program and to Maryann Castellanos (Spiritual Energetics at HealthyEnergetics.net).  Theta Healing began shortly after this time.

 My books on the Three Selves document some of the new language and new psychology born around this time.

 Back in the middle 1980s, another stream of testing was born.  Caroline Myss and Dr. Norm Shealy elevated the old role of "psychic and clairvoyant readers" to a new profession of Medical Intuitives, by requiring heightened objectivity of practitioners and using external double-blind protocols to verify results. 

 To my knowledge Myss & Shealy did not address or incorporate the advantages of kinesiology testing.  Some Medical Intuitives do muscle testing; some do not.  Many are able to test inwardly without use of muscles.  This is still testing; it's still asking the body questions, even if it does not use muscles. 

 Which is more accurate, muscle testing or inward intuitive testing, is 100% a function of practitioner skill, their standards, protocols, talents and integrity. 

 The two streams of testing, via kinesiology and via Intuition, have more similarities in common than differences.  Use them BOTH!  HOW you test is only the tail of the dog.  The dog itself is that you do test, that you do ASK.  Any form of testing and asking for a second opinion from the body, etc, tends to have many and multiple beneficial side-effects on how you make decisions everywhere else in your life. 

 Muscle testing and self-testing are the doorway into the most potent tools of self-healing.

 If you get stuck, give me a call. 

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