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Internet Marketing Newbies Guide - Know This Before you Start an Online Business

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 32   |   Comments: 0

This is the first guide for you to start your internet marketing business. I will explain anything you must know and give you an overview step by step to start.

The principle number one is to start the right way. You must have a strong foundation regarding the information for your business. You must know by yourself how to set up your business and how much does it cost. Don't give another people to make a website for you without knowing the exact price of many things needed because there are a lot of scam out there. They can say to you, "give me money to create a business website for you, it will cost $200/month". No, it's not that expensive. I will tell you what is needed to begin your internet business and how much does it cost.

What you need first is domain name. Domain name is your home address in the internet. For example, I have a website to teach you how to generate massive traffic. How do you get in my website? I would say to you that my website name is magicofwealth dot com. Then that's mean my domain is magicofwealth. I hope you do understand what I mean. How can you get your domain name? You can buy domain names at domainsite dot com, or yahoo dot com, or namecheap dot com. It costs around $8 - $9 to buy 1 domain name.

Next you will need a web hosting to host your website. If domain name is your home address, then web hosting is your house. Web hosting is where you put all the files of your website, so people can look inside your store, what do you sale and what you provide for them. You can buy a web hosting in godaddy dot com, lunarpages dot com, hostgator dot com and many other places. There is a lot of package in the hosting provider, which one should you choose? Well the answer is depend on what type of business you will do. If you want to create a complex business which need a big databases and bandwidth, you should choose an average package. But if you just a starter and want to try the easiest way in internet marketing, affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing just need 2 - 3 page of html pages. And it will not need a lot of spaces for that.

My affiliate website takes space only 500kb and it can packaged in one diskette. If you want to start the affiliate business for your first internet marketing business then I recommend you to choose the smallest hosting package. But it must include e-mail account and available to use php script. These things are very important. One hosting could take around $7 per month for average hosting.

The other thing you need is a website creator. Website creator is the contractor which build your store. It's a software for you to type what do you want to put in your website. You can get the free one like MyFreeWebsiteBuilder from HobbyIn2Wealth.com. It is a good website builder and created by an expert internet marketer named Ewen Chia.

The last thing you need is a payment processor. Payment processor is the place where people pay for your products. They choose your product, they pay to the payment processor, then they get your product. It's that simple. Before knowing this thing, I always wondered, how can I make people give use credit card to pay for my account bank? Well, there is another person who has done the work for you. So all you need is register to them and use their services. It's easier and more secure. The payment processor I recommend is clickbank dot com, 2checkout dot com, paypal dot com, and authorize dot net. some of them cost every month. But some just need once pay for lifetime. It's around $49 to register in 2checkout by now. But it costs free to register in clickbank.

These are the things you should know to start any type of internet marketing business. There is many things needed beside these things but it's regarding on what type of business that you have. For the first time I recommend you to start an affiliate marketing. It's the easiest and the simplest way to get a lot of money.

To know more about proven affiliate tactics to earn money in days, you can download my new e-book 'Internet Marketing Success' in my website. Click here: Magic of Wealth

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