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Internet Marketing Business - Niche Research

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 16   |   Comments: 0
Where does a new internet marketer start? That is a very good question indeed. That is one thing all marketers must know - spot the right business opportunities. It is not easy to acquire this ability. Patience and perseverance is required to spot the lucrative opportunities.

You can use affiliate marketing techniques to help you spot opportunities on the Internet. Use affiliate marketing to promote other people's products and services. When a sale is completed, you earn a percentage of sale amount. If you can't convert the traffic into paying customers, you don't earn a single cent.

There is very little risk involved in affiliate marketing. You start off by driving traffic to the sales page. All you need is a couple hundred visitors to determine whether the offer will convert well enough or not.

This is the perfect way to test a market. There is no need to spend money to develop a product, only to realize that nobody wants to buy it. If you find that an offer is converting strongly, simply swap the offer with a better one by developing your own product.

You see, it all starts from affiliate marketing. If you like, you may even test different markets at one go. Very soon, you will be able to see for yourself, some concrete results - which market is lucrative with rapid buyers, and which market appears to be just luke warm.

Once that is over, just keep your eye on the profitable opportunities. If you want to make more money, just rinse and repeat what you have done.

Here is a business model that has been proven to work - build a list of prospects or customers, and sell them products over and over again. Even though it sounds simple, some marketers are still not building a list.

Without a list, you can't really grow your business. For instance, you may have a $100 product. To make $1000, you have to sell 10 copies of that product. That means having to acquire more new customers. As we all know, acquiring new customers can be costly.

Assume that you don't acquire any more new customers (which is unlikely). Can you still grow your affiliate business? You can work on developing more products to sell to your customers. That means making more sales from your customer database. That greatly increases the customer lifetime value.

The lifetime value of a customer is the amount of money that he spends with you. If you make $2,000 profits just be selling to this same customer, that customer's lifetime value would be $2,000.

Here is where it gets interesting. Now if you know that for every customer you acquire, you will earn an average of $2,000 during a customer's lifetime, how much would you spend to acquire that customer?

This is what many affiliate marketers are not doing enough of. They make one sale, then forget all about the customer. Try to serve just one customer over and over again. It's much easier to sell to an existing customer than to sell to a completely new customer.

Setup a simple squeeze page to capture the contact information and keep in contact with your customers. You will be making 3-4 times more than what you are earning now.

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