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Internet & Affiliate Marketing

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 25   |   Comments: 0

Whenever I get a chance to jump into a forum or two, I notice a very interesting phenomenon. I see so many newbie's coming at the business of Internet and Affiliate marketing from a place of panic and desperation.

Aside from the technical part of learning this business, there's a huge psychological aspect. THIS, IMO, is one of the biggest mistakes a newbie can make in this business... it is entering in panic mode.

"I can't pay my bills" €" "I'm being bankrupt soon, something's got to happen fast!" "This better work!" "I need to make some money real fast or..."

If you fall under that category, I, can predict your IM future. YOU, are going to fail! You WILL NOT be thinking straight, you WILL NOT absorb the materials, you WILL NOT be organized, and you WILL NOT have fun! Yes, I said 'fun'. When was the last problem you solved or job you accomplished successfully from a state of panic? When we when we calm down and relax are usually when we find the answers we need.

Its sort like, when you're struggling to 'try' and remember something you can't. You finally say to yourself, "that's it, the hell with it". For more detail go to: www.affiliate-directories-online.com.What happens next? YOU know.... suddenly, it pops into your head€"you remember it! Why? Because you took the pressure off of 'the TRYING' to remember... you let it go!

I understand the seriousness of this kind of situation, (believe me, I do) of feeling trapped in a financial corner. If you're doing a lot of praying and hoping along with being a huge bundle of nerves, it... won't work. It's just not going to happen with that mindset. Wrong, abrupt, and many time, foolish decisions will be made... like trying some of those 'get-rich-quick' scams.

You may have joined such fine organizations as 'The Wealthy Affiliate University', or 'SBI', which would have guaranteed success. But it's just not happening as fast as I want it to, solo... "I think I'll start looking at some of those other systems, methods, secrets, and make money fast thingies." For more detail go to: www.success-affiliate-marketing.comWhen this occurs...you're doomed - and you've wasted a ton of time, and some cash that you could probably use right now.

Ok, everybody who's ever done this and ...RAISES YOUR HANDS. C'mon, you know who you are! HANDS UP ME SAID! ADMIT IT! (mine's up) LOL

A better way to work this business is to just do the day job thing to take care of the necessities€"while at the same time building your IM business€"and do it with a positive mind and a cool & collected head. And of course, have fun. This can be a fuuuunnnn business.

And guess what? THEN, surprisingly, it will happen much faster then you think. You just can't just force it. You just can't brute-force these techniques into success. Yes, their are some individuals who have come in on Internet marketing and made money quite fast... but who knows... either they were some kind of genius, or they got lucky, or they worked their butt of day and night.. doesn't yaw hate those types? :-)

But for us folks of normal, average intelligence, we have to work at it.. and we can become just a successful as anyone, it just might take a little longer - so what! You didn't have it before, and if you never do it.

In every field, there is a TRAINING period... an On-The-Job LEARNING period (trial & error)... and a REFINING period.... why should Internet Marketing be any different? It's not. It's just that there's so much hype about 'get rich quick' by some fabulous copywriters, and so much of it, that we sometimes feel that "just maybe'... but it isn't so.

You have to digest what you bit off before you bite again... this takes time. Eat too fast... try's stuff your face with too much... swallow to fast... and you get a big Marketing belly ache. And to continue the metaphor.... then the poor elephant gets blamed!

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