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Instant Street Hypnosis Inductions

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0

There are dozens of instant powerful hypnotic inductions which street hypnotists use to wow crowds and transform lives in completely impromptu settings.

All instant hypnotic inductions tend to have 3 simple phases...

1: Setting of expectations

2: Shock and surprise

3: suggestions + deepening

These allow for you as the hypnotist to instill a firm belief inside the mind of your subjects that they are going to be hypnotized, jolt their conscious mind 'offline' and cause confusion with a pattern interrupt or mild shock, and induce and deepen a hypnotic / trance state with the suggestions you give.

So here are two quick and powerful street hypnosis inductions that you can use right away...

1: The Handshake Induction

Invented by Milton Erickson and popularized by Richard Bandler, the hypnotic handshake induction is a street hypnosis favorite.

It's extremely simple to do. Simply begin shaking the hand of your subject, and then in the middle of the shake lift their hand towards their face, and direct their attention to it by pointing and saying 'look at that hand.'

Then begin your suggestions! "As that hand moves closer and closer towards your face, you'll notice your focus changeing, and as your focus changes, you may find yourself beginning to focus inside, and you may even want to relax now, and close your eyes..."

Too many people try and over complicate this technique, but it really is very simple! The precise movements are less than 1% as important as your confidence, and the expectations that you have set.

2: The Arm Drop / 8 word induction.

The arm drop induction is equally simple. Ask your subject to push down on your hand, palm to palm. Tell them to close their eyes, then move your hand away.

As their hand drops, tell them firmly yet calmly to 'sleep' then begin a deepener.

3: (bonus) The Arm Pull Induction

Like the arm drop, this one is a popular favorite, and is extremely simple to do. Take hold of your subjects arm as if you were shaking their hand, stare into their eyes, then give a slight tug. Do it gently! This is super important as there are many shocking tales of nervous over aggressive hypnotists jolting people's arms out of their sockets! Be gentle! Just a slight pull is all you need.

Then simply command sleep, and do your deepener.

With all these inductions the three magic words are confidence, context and intent. The specific mechanics really aren't that important.

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