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Installing Scripts Instantly With Fantastico

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 16   |   Comments: 0

Nowadays various scripts for various purposes can be found directly in the internet without spending any cost. However, the problem for some people to install such script in the server as owned by the hosting provider they are using, is that it needs some technical capabilities. At least they have to know the server requirements of the script that they want to install and being able to organize some configurations so as the script can run well.

Such problem can be solved by Fantastico which constitutes one of the features as offered by some web hosting companies. By using Fantastico, you can install the scripts you require rapidly and easily.

What you need to do is logging in to control panel and then entering to the menu of Fantastico where there is a list of various scripts which are ready for installment. After the script that will be used is chosen, you simply click a link/button to start processing the installment. It is quite easy, isn't it?

Depending on the hosting provider you are using, the script that you can install by using Fantastico consists of various categories such as:

Basically, blog is an online journal. Currently, blog is used for various purposes starting from logbook up to online promotional means. By using Fantastico you can easily install blog software, such as Nucleus, Machine Free or WordPress, and you can immediately conduct the posting.

-Content Management
By means of CMS, you can add or change the content, the display as well as the function of your website easily. Typo3 and Mambo are CMS that is usually found in the list of software that can be installed by using Fantastico.

-Discussion Board
phpBB is a program that you can use for setting up an online community.

-Site Builder
SohoLaunch is a program to help you build a website easily. It is used for preparing and conducting website maintenance without necessarily knowing in depth the tags of HTML. Even tough there is commercial version, but with its free version you still can conduft some particulars such as navigation system preparation and conducting templates customization.

-Survey System
By means of PHPSurveyor you can prepare survey containing questions with unlimited number. In addition, the number of participant is also not limited. Another feature is that you can start and finish a survey automatically.

It is not only that, there are still found various scripts which are classified under certain categories such as Mailing List, Customer Relationship, Shopping Cart, F.A.Q, Guestbook, Image Gallery, Project Management, Wiki up to Ad Management that you can install by using Fantastico.

That is all, with Fantastico you no longer need to hire somebody for installing the scripts that you want to use. Besides, you need not get in trouble for thinking of technical matters such as mod_rewrite and organizing the content of .htaccess file manually as used for configuring the server per directory.

Nevertheless, Fantastico is not a magic feature. Sometimes you need to conduct the installation manually or using the service of somebody else if the script that you want to use is not found in the list. At least so far I have not found any autoresponder script for sending follow-up messages as well as scripts for conducting reciprocal linking. Even though it is not something absolute, a bit knowledge about HTML and variable concept can be useful in configuring the scripts further. However, it needs to be admitted that the presence of Fantastico is quite helpful to start building a functional website.

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