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Infusion to Relieve Joint Pain and Arthritis

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 6   |   Comments: 0

The most common source of symptoms and functional limitation in older people is musculoskeletal system. 40% of people over 60 suffer arthritis. The diseases that cause joint pain are usually chronic, disabling and difficult to treat, which leads to frustration, both patient and the physician. Must be distinguished fundamentally from other particular cause somatic pain or extra particular, since the reference diffuse imprecise description of the patient may lead to doubts at the time of evaluation.

The joint pain usually bother in cold weather and more moisture in the atmosphere, although, of course the inaction of the damaged or overworked at the same we also can affect and increase the pain and discomfort.

Infusion or tisane is help us ease the pain and inflammation of the damaged area, for example, it can use in case of sprain, shoveling pain, osteoarthritis, arthritis, etc.

Joint pain occurs when there is little joint lubrication of bearings with the consequent deterioration of cartilage. The synovial (joint protective liquid) and make cartilage that cushions and protects mattress when moving them. To lose its effectiveness that bones come into contact with each other, producing a friction causes pain that can become really annoying. To remove these pains most of the time it is best to use medications such as painkillers are responsible for controlling or relieve these painful sensations.

Degeneration Pain

Traditional pain of people suffering from osteoarthritis is pain that starts affecting the joints of much use as the knees, hips or shoulders. It is a nuisance that starts slowly and increasingly more impossible the functioning of the area. It is characterized by a sharper pain in the morning, so that prevents the person from starting. As the day passes and the joints are heating up, the pain will subside.

Analgesic consumption

Eating painkillers for a long time is counterproductive, actually consume any drug product for a long period is not recommended because then produce undesirable effects such as liver problems. There are alternatives that work very well although it is true that are also critical situations where it is unavoidable to take the drug

Quick Results

Osteoarthritis is characterized by generating an unbearable pain that is continuous and for which the medical person every 3 days to space the mass consumption of drugs. These people learn to live with the pain, and the results are slow to appear, depending on whether a long or short time that these complaints are presented. In fact, those who suffer pain for some time with only one or two sessions of ozone therapy can see their pain mitigated. But in general the benefits of ozone therapy are presented at 5 or 6 sessions, after which you must follow a maintenance treatment. Ozone is a safe treatment that does not cause long-term side effects and get back the system and that the person has a higher capacity.

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