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Income Streaming - Turning Auctions on Their Heads

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 15   |   Comments: 0

The trouble with today is simply this: no jobs, no streams of income, hopelessness, financial doom and gloom, and the list goes on ad infinitum. If ever there were a time for someone to take matters into their own hands and carve out a money-making niche for themselves, this would be IT.

Let me explain what I've done in hopes that it might propel you forward with generating some ideas of your own. First off, the Internet is the only way for me. Right or wrong, it does not matter. It's my vehicle of choice. I have decided, again for better or worse, to enter the already cluttered and highly competitive world of online auctions, classified ads and printable business coupons..

I have chosen to try turning this business model on its head. First off, there is no cost to join or participate. Free ad and auction listings are provided for Members. Second, the affiliate program is second-to-none: we pay up to 70% commissions (give or take a point or two depending on PayPal processing fees). There is no middleman in any of our members' transactions. No extra cost for special features, and in particular, no final value fees.

So, how can we make money giving it all away? Well, we have unlimited-posting advertising packages that sell for a mere pittance per month, and that's how we generate our income. Anyone who refers a paying customer gets 70% of this fee each and every month that their referral pays. Pretty dramatic. No qualifications, costs, gimmicks or gotcha's. Free to join and earn is what this is all about.

We are  refining things each day to make certain our members' experiences the very best they can be. Our goal is nothing short of becoming a household name in due time. It won't be easy, but it certainly is attainable. And we love doing what we do so much that we'll be around for how ever long it takes to become successful. Generosity is king in our business. Our motto says it all: "You first, us second."

This is my plan for financial survival. It can either be yours, or you can springboard off it as your create your own online business. There is definitely "gold in them thar hills," you just have to presistently take rigorous action to find it. And, as hard as I work pursuing my dreams, it's as enjoyable a career as I could have ever hoped for. Someday, and maybe sooner than I think, it will pay off, and pay off handsomely on a regular basis because it gives the masses a great place to conduct their business in an atmosphere of never-ending generosity and good will.

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