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Improving Productivity & Efficiency In A Customer Service Call Center

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 9   |   Comments: 0

To survive in today's competitive environment, businesses need to find ways to enhance the customer experience. Today's customer not only knows exactly what he wants, but ensures that he gets value for his hard-earned money. Now, if a business wants to go further than merely surviving and seek sustained success, it has to enhance the productivity and efficiency of its customer service call center. With more and more businesses outsourcing this service, it becomes all the more for a call center service provider to offer that extra competitive edge to the businesses it serves. Here are some ways in which you can ensure that your call center stands above the rest.

Tips on Improving Productivity & Efficiency in a Customer Service Call Center

Studies have shown that just by increasing the size of a computer monitor, productivity and efficiency can be increased by 40%. There are also findings that support that this figure can go up to 65% by including a secondary monitor. On the other hand, the placement of the keyboard and mouse, the comfort in seating, etc, raises productivity and efficiency by 20%.

Here are some simple steps you can take to enhance your revenues and control costs through maximizing productivity and efficiency at a customer service call center:

  • Reason for contact - The first area that one needs to address is the reason for the customer contacting the call center. If you can understand the reasons why most customers contact you, you can explore ways to ensure that a process is put in place so that the handling of the issue takes the least possible time. On the other hand, understanding the reasons for contact could also help you give feedback to the business you are catering to as a call center and weed out the reason for contact altogether. This data can be collected through customer surveys, call coding, IVR or simply by using a tick sheet.
  • Documenting processes - The best way to track down inconsistencies and identify areas that need improvement is through documentation. Not only will this help reduce the time taken to complete tasks, it can also reduce the volume of calls that you receive.
  • Enhancing cross-skills - Economies of scale can be achieved by clubbing together skills that logically go together and training employees in multi-skills. This also helps to reduce the burn-out rate, thereby decreasing absenteeism and attrition. Multiple skills also enhances the customer experience and reduces the turn-around time for calls.
  • Reducing attrition - One issue that plagues most call centers and leads to a decline in productivity and efficiency is the about 40% attrition rate that this industry is witness to. Knowledge and experience go a long way in providing good customer service. The attempt to enhance staff retention has to begin right from the recruitment stage. A large number of call center experience short-term attrition, where the employee leaves within 6 months of being appointed. This kind of attrition can be addressed through appropriate selection procedures. The induction process, where the employee is trained on the job and acclimatized to the company culture, is also an important phase to ensure retention.
  • Review and measurement - Reviewing and assessing performance is not only a great way to discover areas that need improvement but it s also a way to motivate people to learn and grow in their job.

One customer service call center provider that has an enviable track record of serving satisfied customers is InSO International Call Center. This company has completed more than 200 call center campaigns and has over 10 years of exclusive experience in the call center segment. To know more about the company, visit http://www.inso.us.

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