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Improve yourself and Your Life With These Easy Tips

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 14   |   Comments: 0

Many people have tried at one time in their lives and even more than once to improve themselves or to get wealthy or to succeed in business. If it doesn't work out right away, they give up. Why do they give up and why is it so hard for them to make these improvements or to gain success?

They most likely place too much of a burden upon themselves. We have been taught by our society to want things as soon as possible. But many people have been building bad habits for years. To expect things to change overnight is simply unrealistic. And when you have multiple patterns or habits you want to break, it is simply ineffective to change them all at once.

Why not take it slowly and let the momentum build up with time? Why not make one change this month and after it becomes a natural thing for you, then move on to another? Focusing on one area gives you the power to make changes in that area quicker and more effectively. But when you try and spread it around to five or six areas, guess what? You wind up all over the place and eventually its all just going to blow up in your face.

Try this for an example. Imagine trying to quit smoking, make more money and fall in love in the same week. Do you think it will really all happen just like that. Probably not. You will probably get stressed from not making more money or falling in love that week and you will go right back to smoking.

Now if you tried to give up smoking for a month with a focus on that alone, what do you think would happen? Odds are you are more likely going to actually achieve breaking that habit. Now you can tackle another issue.

Do yourself a favor and ease the burden. Take it one day at a time and try one area of your life at a time. Then gradually build up to including more. If you do this method, after a year or so, you will have made improvements in five or six or even more areas of your life and it will be more likely that these are lasting changes. It may not be as popular of a method amongst people trying to sell books and courses but it will be more effective for you and that is what really matters most.

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