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Ideas for Community Service

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 28   |   Comments: 0

When considering ideas for community service common ideas may come to mind like cleaning up the neighborhood. The unfortunate reality is that there are many more people who liter than those who may volunteer to pick up trash! Community service is so closely tied to volunteerism that many times the two words are interchangeable. It goes without saying that if the world had more volunteers it would be a better place. Ideas for community service exceed the local trash pick up. We'll consider a couple others that help to revive our community.

Bullying has always been present in schools as well as work place environments. Due to recent tragic situations, bullying has gained global exposure. Community service ideas don't have to be traditional! There are many people who have chosen to volunteer their time by creating peer groups who promote anti bullying and awareness regarding the bullying problem. The national center for bullying prevention provides a "petition against bullying". Simply add your name, age and state to the petition and show your support. Demi Lovato has made it a point to use her "star status" as a platform to be a champion against bullying. Demi speaks about how to get involved and has made a huge contribution to the cause.

Domestic Violence continues to be one of those topics that people tend to "sweep under the rug". The harsh realities that go along with domestic violence are simply too hard to deal with for many. Nonetheless, domestic violence thrives in all societies. Promoting awareness about domestic violence is of utmost importance. Debra Bowles operates a non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing victims of domestic violence. Debra's ideas for community service include providing housing for domestic violence victims as well as transport of individual's personal effects from one place to another (At times, Debra must enlist volunteers to help with bags etc). Additionally, Debra provides mentoring for victims of domestic violence. Domestic violence victims tend to lose grasp of "what is unacceptable" as their daily lives are their true reality. Proper mentoring often times enables victims of domestic violence to understand what is acceptable and results in accountability. Though individuals like Debra do their part, there is a shortage of individuals who fill these types of roles for those affected by domestic violence.

Joining the fight against bullying and domestic violence are two great ideas for community service and there are many more. Do you have community service ideas. Is there a group that you belong to or a group that you know needs awareness brought to them? Please share your ideas. Visit the revive our community website and share!

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