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I am confused, what do women look for in a man?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 8   |   Comments: 0

I am confused, what do women look for in a man?

Very good question and one on the lips of every man. A woman is a different breed from a man, an obvious statement I know, but this has more meaning than you think. The reason I point this out is to state that their brains actually work differently from men's and they have a different interpretation to what a man sees. First impressions for example, they seem to categorise a partner by the way he dresses as this possibly has a way of defining his ability to provide security, good breeding, and success. A well dressed man will do better in the dating circle than that of a man who has never ironed a shirt in his life. A man on the other hand will see a woman and focus on her shape (this has been scientifically proven), looks and femininity. These are the quality's men deem as necessary, for quality reproduction. We are a very complicated species and there are no real definitive answers, but recent research has suggested that humans are physically attracted to someone who has the same looks as our own. For example, if we have a square jaw and deep set eyes then a compatible woman would be the female that has these attributes. Scientists are making all sorts of comments but if you look at the type of woman you are attracted to, that sticks, you don't seem to have too many variations from the parameters that you find attractive. Think back to your previous girlfriends, I would bet they are all similar in one way or another. You have to remember that you will never be attractive to all women; an example would be that women are not attracted to all types of food. We have instinctive actions that make us desire one thing over another and this has been inbred over millions of years. The best advice I can offer is present yourself the best you can and widen your knowledge to cope with conversation. Be versatile and confident and present yourself in a way that spotlights that you are a worthy partner. Beyond, height and good presentation, women are far more deep minded than men so for those that aren't identical to Brad Pitt, there is hope. Remember Marilyn Munroe was attracted to Albert Einstein and as intelligent as he was, he was certainly not going to win any awards for hunk of the month. She wanted him for his mind. Women are complicated but that doesn't mean to say that they are impossible to catch. They are human and we all like flattery, intelligence and originality. You're never going to catch every apple that falls from the tree, but if you're clever in your approach, you'll be able to harvest more than you think.

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