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Hypnosis Treatment For Tinnitus-Does It Work

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 35   |   Comments: 0

Irrational fears and misconceptions often mislead many people into overlooking the effectiveness of the tinnitus. Although a formal medical research in hypnosis had begun in the 19th century, but its history dates back to the ancient Hindu texts of the Vedas. Besides, there are a number of conditions ranging from pregnancy to anxiety which are being treated successfully with hypnosis in modern times.

Since Tinnitus is a symptom which occurs as a consequence of certain underlying problems like tumors, Meniere's disease etc, it is important that the root cause should be diagnosed before starting the hypnosis treatment for tinnitus because a serious issue such as a tumor needs to be dealt with separately and cannot be cured with the hypnosis treatment for tinnitus.

In a lot of cases, there is a lot of fear, anxiety and stress associated with Tinnitus because of the way in which the patients react to this problem. In such cases, the hypnosis treatment helps the patients by decreasing their level of awareness of the ringing sound in their ears. This is based on the idea that the brain does not notice things which seem insignificant to it. So the hypnosis treatment helps in training the mind in habituation or the ignoring process.

The hypnosis treatment for tinnitus involves a few sessions with the professional hypo therapist depending on the seriousness of the condition. During these sessions the patients are firstly treated so that they get rid of all the negative emotions linked with the ailment such as fear, anxiety, depression etc. In the next step the professional therapist trains the patient's unconscious mind in ignoring the irritating ringing in the ears and noticing some other noise instead. Hereafter, the patients are provided with a self hypnosis CD which is usually free of cost and it helps them to reinforce the treatment by doing some self hypnosis exercises in the privacy of their homes. These hypnosis techniques can be applied to other situations as well in life. The treatment is not very costly and the therapists too are very gentle with the patients as opposed to some medicos who do not realize that it is important to deal with the traumatized patients of Tinnitus with care.

Hypnosis is a time tested method of soothing one's nerves and developing a positive attitude, which is very important in facing any illness head on. However some amount of propaganda has been done which makes people apprehensive about the whole concept. They judge it as some sort of a tricky practice in which one has to surrender before another person and which makes one fall asleep. On the contrary, it actually is a state of increased awareness and mindfulness in which the patient is not forced into saying anything. It only involves the acceptance of certain guidelines on the part of the patient.

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