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By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 153   |   Comments: 0

Hello my name is Richard MacKenzie and I am the author of Self-Change Hypnosis, which is a book that aims to teach in a simple yet comprehensive way, the benefits of Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis. It was very important for me to get this information out there, but one of the toughest objectives that I had to achieve what to create something that could be enjoyed and used by everyone.

One of the largest misconceptions that I have encountered in the general publics perception of Hypnosis is that, not everyone can experience Hypnosis. This is just simply false as it is a scientific fact that on a day to day basis we all enter a level of trance and that it is a natural part of our lives. This is mainly why we can pick up bad and unappealing habits with ease. And this is also why that with a little bit of direction and understanding we can use the natural process of Hypnosis to unravel these unwanted additions to our behaviours.

Self-Change Hypnosis works on a process of three basic elements. To understand these I want you to imagine a cinema. For a cinema to work properly it needs three key elements, first is the projection room, second is the screen and third is the audience. Now imagine the "Flow" in the cinema - First the projector starts to project the chosen film, second the screen displays the film and then third the audience react to the film. This is the same way that humans work, but instead of having a projection room we have a conscious mind, for a screen we have a sub or unconscious mind and instead of an audience we have a body.

So we imagine something in our conscious mind and that is then €˜projected' into the sub or unconscious mind. Once this has occurred our body will then react - just like the audience would in a cinema.

Try it now - Imagine something that makes you nervous. As you are imagining it, it is being €˜projected' into your sub or unconscious mind and then your body will start to feel the physical effects of your imagination. This comes into play when someone starts to smoke. Most of my clients will tell me that they started to smoke in their teens and the reason was to €˜fit in'. So what happens here is that when the individual smokes - their body is feeling the negative effects of the smoke. However because they are imagining just how cool they look and are feeling that they are fitting in, their sub or unconscious mind starts to create a mental and psychical acceptance. This then changes the way that the body perceives that affects of the smoke and allows the individual to feel comfortable and it even builds a belief that the body then €˜needs' the fix.

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