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Humanity...Where are you???

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 25   |   Comments: 0


           I never considered writing except in my school essays and other associated stuff but the change came when I realized the dip in the spirit of humanity since the past few decades. I figured that  now humanity is not considered as a criteria that gives a definition of a good human being on the contrary even appreciating the spirit of humanity has declined that fills me with infinite sorrow. I had never paid attention to sentiments like joy, sharing, love, humanity€¦.etc thinking it was all listed under the abstract category which had no proof of its existence. This article is not written with the purpose of posing my self realization on the lack of humanity or so its just the medium through which I can share my thoughts about it and maybe stir the same feeling on the readers€¦"for what" you might ask???...well I believe that one man after all is not enough to bring about a change.

      The actual reason that summoned me to write on the declining spirit of humanity is after I saw a channel airing the news about how a benign hydrabadi man by the name of Papalal and his family suffered for an act of humanity €¦the act of adopting a muslim girl sonia, after he found her in the recks of a blast, into his hindu household. Inspite of the fact that he  was a Painter by profession and had understandable reasons not to take on such a huge responsibility he raised sonia like he would raising his own daughter. Their undivided love for her was easily expressed by the words spoken by Jayshree the wife and a real mother to sonia, she say about Sonia,"Only after she came to our home, I became pregnant. Even if I haven't given birth to her, she will always be my eldest daughter,''

      But by the way the world has changed its trends to suit its inhabitants as it seems the his ownn family refused to acknowledge Papalal's act of utmost humanity and  protested against the fact that a muslim girl was staying in a hindu family,they most probably thought it would wreck the so called rich hindu religious culture€¦I don't want to sound as an anti hindu person but€¦as human beings the building of relationship with other human beings is something that is inevitable and in such a case what is culture? What is language? What is religion? What is nationality?.....nothing. The only thing that joins us in spirit and harmony with each other is the humanity within us ,and once that finishes or is murdered as in the case of Papalal it becomes the reason of jealosy,envy hatred, competition,terrorism€¦€¦and the list could just go on.

          The striking part is that there is no such place left on earth which is not touched by the inhuman behaviour of our like€¦what do we get I ask??? what???...and still there are plenty of people like me who think about the growing hatred in this society and know that all it will end up in, is a loss and nothing else, more conflict, more disharmony€¦.they will not do anything and as time passes they too will join this herd. Who knows today I write this article and in other ten years I am a part of all this. The point I want to make is that just taking in the inhuman treatment and feeling bad about it is not enough€¦just not enough€¦there is a seilent urgency in this situation and those who hear it should try to correct it and should make others realise it too.

               Of One thing I am sure of even though I have spent less than twenty years on this planet €¦if the world carries on like this and the spirit of humanity keeps on diminishing in the same way€¦when it all ends ,when all of it ends we will  be left with nothing but lots and lots of whys?  

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