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How To Write A Business Plan: Getting That Capital You Need

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 27   |   Comments: 0

Now that you have decided to leave your work with a company, you now decide to put up your own business. Having your own business is a dream come true for most people. It is where they can be more independent and it is also where they can be their own boss. Whatever kind of business you plan on starting, you have to remember that the most important thing you need is money.

If you don't have enough money to start your own business, you will really want help from financial institutions, such as a bank to assist you financially in getting your business started. Venture capitalists are also one of the people you want to turn to if you want that capital you need to start your own business.

However, these people will not give you the money and let you go on and start your own business. They need to be sure that your business will succeed in order to get their money or investment back. This is why it is very important for you to convince them to invest in your business or lend you that money.

To do this, you will need a business plan. A business plan is an essential document when starting your own business; you need a business plan even if you don't need to borrow money from venture capitalists or the bank.

However, if you need to borrow money for capital to start your own business, then a business plan is the most important thing that you will rely on. A business plan will basically tell the investors how you plan on operating your business and is also an assurance that they will get their money back.

But, many people keep on asking the same questions over and over again. They always ask "How do I write a Business Plan?"

Writing a business plan can be very simple if you stick to the basics. Here is how you can write an effective business plan that will surely get you that capital you need to start a business:

-Executive Summary Section – This section will explain a brief explanation about your business. Remember that this is a summary, so keep it brief, to the point and most important of all, clear.

-The Business Section – This is where you will put your planned business name, the address, and a detailed description of what your business is all about. Make it easy to read and don't include a lot of technical terms. In other words, you should never assume that the reader has the same technical know-how about your business.

-The Market Analysis Section – This section will basically show your marketing plan. This will include all about your target customers, the trends in the industry, your pricing and packaging plan, and also your company's policy.

-The Financing Section – In this part of the business plan, you will mention all the different aspects about your business's estimated financial status. You will include an accurate amount of money you need to start the business, how much of your own money you are willing to invest and also how you will be able to repay the debt to your loan.

-The Management Section – This will show the outline of your company's organization. You have to include the legal structure of your business, whether it is a corporation, a partnership or a limited liability corporation.

As you can see, it will answer most of the questions that people will ask you when you ask for their money. You should make a business plan as thorough as possible and also as brief as possible.

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