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How To Work My Power Mall Business For Free

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0

First thing you need to have is a Free Power Mall account. If you do not have one then please check the resource box on this article and sign up for one, it is absolutely free. After you have signed up you will have access to 1000s of retail stores and you will receive a rebate on all of your purchases and you will receive commission on all purchases from anyone you have sponsored up to 9 tier levels deep. You will also receive all of the tools needed to become successful in your new business.

Send an invitation to everyone in your email account. I know of a lot of new comers that do not want to bother their friends and family with this kind of information but if you thought it was a good enough idea to sign up for my power mall then why would your friends and family not think this is a good idea.

The most beneficial, and for some people the hardest to do is to create an article about your power mall business. It should be well written and from 400 to 800 words long. Do not include any links in the article because most of the good article directories you will be uploading them on will not allow links in the body of the article. You can and should include links to your my power mall landing page in the resource box of the article.

Some of the ideas for your article could be; how you found out about the business, your shopping experiences on your mall, how to promote the business, how to advertise for free, what a great concept it is, how my power mall can help change the world, how your up line has helped you grow your business, how you have helped your down line grow the business, how non profit organizations could benefit.

You can also do searches on google, ask, MSN, Yahoo and other search engines to see the types of articles are already published and the title of the articles should give you ideas on what you can write about.

Submit your article to article directories. Sign up is usually free and if is not then find some place else to post your articles. In my opinion the best place to post your first article is EzineArticles. One of my articles called "My Power Mall Business Evaluation" has been listed in EzineArticle for about 2 months and it has had over 300 reads and 20 clicks to my web site so far. EzineArticle will also publish your article in up to 50,000 RSS feed and email to over 400 permission-based member/publishers. You will get hits for years to come with posting of just one article.

Some of the other article directories I like to post to are bb-articles, hubpages, squidoo, helium, chicklog, rumorist and articlebliss. Many more article directories are available and before I post an article I always check one of the articles already posted and if it has been there for about a month and it has not received more than 20 reads or so that article directory does not receive enough visitors to be of any use to me.

Start making post to blogs and forums. Some of the blog and forum that are available are bizzybloz biz, myspace, craigslist org, associateprograms, homebasedbusinessforums, blogger, wordpress, network-marketing-tips.blogspot, weblogs and yahoo groups. If you need the latest and greatest list of message boards and forums then you should check out directory.big-board.

You can get free ads at conqueryournitche. Just sign up for an account and create an ad. Then go and read some of the posts and make comments from time to time and you will earn credits for your ad placement. They have a lot of good information available and you can ask questions of other members for some specific advice.

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