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How To Use Hypnotic Language

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 82   |   Comments: 0

Hypnosis Induction scripts can be challenging to deliver if you are not the author of the script itself. That why, with the People Building Free Hypnosis Induction scripts we have, where possible underlined, marked in bold or italics, the sentences or particular words that need to have more emphasis placed upon them.

When Birtwistles conducted a study into how people communicate in congruence with each other, he discovered that tone of voice is of more importance to the person you are communicating with, than the actual words themselves. This means that a person is inevitably influenced by the emphasis that is placed upon the words. Of course, physiology ultimately carries the most importance when communicating, but let us say for example, that the person you are inducing a trance in, has got their eyes closed. Then what happens with your body is no longer going to be relevant (because the client will not be able to see it!) and the tone of voice and words become of greater importance.

For example, let us look at the following:

You should do your homework (emphasis is on the word should)

This sentence tells the listener that there is possibility about whether they do the homework or not. It implies an element of choice- you should, but you don't have to, or may choose not to.

You should do your homework (emphasis on the word you).

This sentence tells the listener that it is their own responsibility to do their homework. It implies that the listener may have been expecting someone else to do the homework but that the communicator is telling the listener to do it themselves.

You should do your homework (emphasis on the words do your homework.)

This sentence tells the listener to "do your homework." This is called an embedded command as although the sentence still implies possibility in the presence of the word "should" yet the emphasis is on "do your homework." Using this kind of a pattern displaces resistance in the client and covertly commands them to do what it is that you want them to do.

Many of our hypnotic scripts contain patterns such as these. When they were type up, we deliberately highlighted the words and sentences that need to be embedded. However, inevitably some of them may have slipped through the net. That's why when you download our free Hypnosis induction scripts it's a good idea to read through them a couple of times. The may be embedded commands in there that we have failed to highlight, or perhaps some that we have written and not noticed. Then you may light to go through them and underline them to remind you to alter your tonality when you reach that particular part of the free script.

The voice tonality that generally works well for embedding suggestions when in hypnosis, is to go slower, lower and slightly louder. If you practice this skill, you will be able to embed commands all over the place and be very covert in doing so- that is the client will not consciously realize the command you are giving them. However their unconscious mind will detect the sensitivity and respond by creating the changes you suggest in your command.

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