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How To Use Content To Pre-Sell Your Website Visitors

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 14   |   Comments: 0

All computer users have one common trait. They are all motivated by the desire for more knowledge about the subject they wish to investigate. Given this fact, you as a business owner must deliver the right information to your website visitors that satisfies their need to know about your product.

If Mary finds the information she needs on your website, she will send an email to her good friend Sue, who in turn passes it along to others, and the information will find its way to the person who needs it most via word of mouth. This end user is called a "customer".

To attract more "customers" you have to post information on your website that describes your product well. Only you know the best way to describe your product, the benefits of using it, the features that make it better than your competition's product, and the advantage of your low price, right?

You definitely must include this information. But there is one thing that is usually missing from the content that webmasters provide their visitors.

You have to put your visitors in the mood to buy your product!

Computer users are notorious for being fast "clickers". If you don't interest them in wanting to buy your product from the onset, you will lose them fast, if not sooner.

Consider including the following things in your front page content:

1. Include a picture of your product. A picture is worth a thousand words.

When the visitor sees exactly what they will be buying, this usually cements the sale in their mind from the beginning of their decision making process. Then the visitor will "read on" subconsciously trying to find any reason why they should not buy it. Good advice is to not let them read anything in your content that distracts them from making the purchase.

2. Provide relevant details about the product. For example,

"Product X has all the capabilities to stop your troublesome pop-ups for good!".

Then you have to provide back up information that supports your claim. Write a sufficient amount of information but don't include anything that might make them decide against buying your product.

3. Inject the desire for the visitor to become your "customer" right now.

By offering your prospective customer a price/deal that they just can't pass up will lead to more sales. And it will lend credibility to your business. The word will get out about this fantastic offer.

4. Ask them to buy now. They want your product, but the instructions for how to buy it must be clearly laid out. This final step is the most important one to do every time you write your content.

So as you see, the mind of the consumer is already made up when they go on their computer to find a "Product X". You simply have to provide a way for them to get to your website, by linking, by advertising, or some other means. Then provide a concise "picture in their mind" of the fantastic offer before them.

Ken Evoy is a master at this type of marketing principle. He has a formula for making money from any website using the content model of traffic generation. If you include the technique described in this article along with the Site Build It! website creation service Ken offers, you can easily generate sales.

Ken's website explains content preselling in further detail. Visit http://SiteSell.com for important information about content and preselling your customers. It will open your eyes.

Use the rules outlined above and your website will become more profitable over time. Pre-sell your visitors the right way and watch your sales skyrocket!

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