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How to treat Keratosis Pilaris in children

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0

How to treat Keratosis Pilaris in children

Do you find your children complaining of goose-flesh like bumps on the skin?

Do you find their skin reddish in colour especially on the outer side of the upper arms, legs, buttocks, thighs, etc?    Probably you also have the same condition?

If your answer to all these queries is Yes,  then you and your family are affected by a skin condition called Keratosis Pilaris.   It is a genetic condition, affecting persons living in cold, dry climates. Hence you will find that generally all family members are affected.

KP is the result of ineffective natural exfoliation by the skin.  In such cases,  the dry skin cells deposit a substance called keratin (skin cell protein) on the surface, and the pores of the skin tend to get blocked when the deposits are excessive,  thus causing dilation of the blood vessels and giving the appearance of red bumps on the skin.

When KP affects children, it is very important to impress upon them the need to refrain from rubbing or scratching the area.   These actions will only increase the inflammation and aggravate the problem.    The main idea behind the treatment especially in the case of children, is to keep the skin from becoming too dry.  Hence, various mild, moisturizing lotions which are available in the market can be tried.   However, certain home remedies which are very simple and effective can be carried out prior to other lotions.   Some of these are as follows:

A paste is made of granulated sugar and sour curd or cream or yogurt and applied to the affected area on the child's body, approximately 15-20 minutes before a shower.    The skin is thereafter patted dry very gently, taking care not to rub the affected areas.    The

Lactic acid in the curd or cream serves as a mild exfoliant, removing the clogged matter from the pores of the skin.  Soon after a bath,  application of Vitamin E oil or cocoanut oil, will help to keep the skin moist and lubricated, giving little chance for the formation of excess keratin layer.    A good amount of nuts, especially walnuts, and fish containing omega 3 fatty acids,  can be included in the diet of the child, with good results.

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