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How to Treat a Hyperactive Child - Solutions to Help Parents

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 13   |   Comments: 0

When parents ask how to treat a hyperactive child, they probably think that there must be ways of reducing all the fidgeting, squirming and constant motion. This is especially relevant when we have to help children to pay attention, for example when doing homework. Well, there are ways but not perhaps what we expect.

The work of Sydney Zentall is fascinating in this area. She has written a book called ADHD and Education . Basically her research shows that we need a secondary activity to actually concentrate. This could be a mindless activity such as doodling or listening to music but it does not prevent us from doing the main task. How many of us have doodled our way through boring meetings at work?

In looking at how to treat hyperactive child, this can provide us with part of the answer. It has nothing to do with actually trying to concentrate harder, pay closer attention or whatever. All these sound familiar but they will mean little to the hyperactive kid.

Zentall's work shows clearly that ADHD children can do better academically when they are allowed to use another sense. This could be fiddling with an object, listening to certain types of music or being allowed to wiggle around on a stability ball while sitting doing homework. It is fascinating to see that doing the primary activity is actually helped by doing a secondary activity.

We can think of activities which I call creative fidgeting which we can allow kids to do while trying to concentrate on the main activity of getting the homework done. We can try anything from walking when you are giving a child instructions, doodling, playing with a simple object or listening to music. Robert Melillo's Brain Balance Music is excellent for this.

When we look at medication options on how to treat hyperactive child, we know that psychostimulants can actually calm hyperactive children and that sounds like the ideal solution. However, research shows that there are risks associated with these drugs. The work of Madelyn Gould of the New York State Psychiatric Institute and Columbia University in New York City is particularly relevant here. Her studies showed that there were many causes of sudden deaths in children. She had studied over 500 of these tragic cases. But one fact became very clear and that was that children who had been medicated with the psychostimulants were seven times more likely to have a sudden death than those children who were not on any of these drugs.

Is there an alternative? Fortunately, ADHD homeopathic remedies are without side effects and there are no recorded health risks at all. Why not click through to my site to see how these could really be the answer on how to treat a hyperactive child.

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