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How To Select A Pure Wool Blanket

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 150   |   Comments: 0

Wool blanket is a necessary stuff found in each and every home to get away from frozen winter. It is one of the important things that one must hold during winter. Wool could hold you warm and is extremely soft to touch. Wool blankets need extreme care to last long. The wool blankets are generally flame resistant. If ignited, it extinguishes itself. Wool has dual purpose; it could also keep you cold in summer and warm in winter. Wool blankets are odor resistant. Wool regulates body temperature. It absorbs moisture from the body keeping you dry throughout night. Wool is considered to be eco friendly, animal friendly, sustainable and bio degradable. It is so called animal friendly because shearing of wool does not involve killing of animals.

Types of Wool:
Wool blanket comes in different types. You could select the best from the available types. Some of the major types of wool are listed here
1.Sheep's Wool:
Sheep's wool is soft and durable. It has long lifespan. It has superior insulation properties. It conducts less heat from one side to the other.
2.Alpaca Wool:
Alpaca wool produces better insulation. It is fine, silky and cluster structured. The two breeds of Alpaca are the Huacaya and the Suri. It ensures great warmth than other wool. It stretches well.
3.Mohair  Wool:
These are non crushing and non pilling wool. It absorbs dye well. This wool does not stretch much making it durable.
4.Angoro Wool:
Angoro Wool gives a floating feel. It is the best heat maintenance of all wools.
5.Cashmere wool:
This is rare to collect. Only few ounces are collected from a goat each year. It adjusts to humidity I the air.
6.Merino Wool Blanket:
Merino wool blanket are considered to be the purest form of wool on the earth. They are much finer and smooth to skin.

Grades of Wool:
Wool is given grade to determine its type and quality. Virgin wool is the wool taken from the sheep's first shearing. Super wool is one which has high fineness. They are further expanded into super 100, super 110 and super 150. Boiled wool is one which is obtained after washing process. Generally it is soil resistant. Worsted wool is manufactured in Worstead, England.

How to select a wool blanket:

Blankets should be chosen based on the quality. Fleece blankets will not last longer and fades after a few wash. The tips could help you to guide in selecting a wool blanket
1.Avoid buying blankets that is coated and labeled as water proof or water repellent. Such blanket could release formaldehyde.
2.Products that are machine washable are advisable to buy so that you could guard blankets from dust.
3.Blankets size should be greater than the bedding to give better warmth.
4.Note if it is labeled as Dry cleaning because major blankets are dry-cleaned.
5.Neutral colors are recommended to choose as they never get outdated.
6.If you are allergic to wool, buy a blanket which is filled with wool and covered by cotton.

Sleeping is made more comfortable with the help of a woolen blanket. Wool blankets are developed from natural materials and are eco friendly. Wool blanket is the best form of blanket that can give you a warm sleep.

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